Saturday, 9 May 2009

Watchmen Review

I'm taking advantage of the work laptop to catch up on all the posts I've been meaning to add. So here's the first of like fiddy beelion. Now you has to pretend it's like the day after it was released at the cinema, otherwise you'll be a like WTF?!

After many months I finally saw Watchmen after donkeys and despite a number of shite reviews bout it buzzing in mah head - I liked it. By no means a masterpiece, but still good. There was some great action scenes and one song I liked the soundtrack, (we'll get back to the sexy times sone in a minute).

Again hot boy Denny/Mr. Winchester, Weeds dude kicks it...sigh. It's like he's JCVD wife - fated to die!! Poor thing, I dont' know what's worse, dying all the time or being compared with JCVD movie wives - TANGENT - pologies.

What I didn't like was the kinda long intro. I understand why they have long intros, cover backstory etc, but by the end I was over it and just wanted it to start. I wasn't a fan of the editing either, kinda all over the place which was annoying.

Okay, now the sexy times scene for Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan - more than a little freaky, I was all dude with the hands, oh dude extra person! It was all a little Michael Keaton for me. The there was the one between Niteowl and SS. I just started laughing and they butchered Halellujah, completely wrong song for the scene, even when it was Jeff Buckley singing. bucket party of one.

Roaschack (scusi the spelling), his 'what ink blot is that?' Pretty butterfly bit made me laugh. His scenes were my fave. For me he was the best character and really captured what I think Alan Moore was trying to put across with the graphic novel - I'm hoping I got the dude's name right :)

Overall, I liked it, more than Underworld 3. I need to read the graphic novel and do a little comparison, fingers crossed it's in clolour - I'm all it's black and white 'I ain't reading that!'. I thought I'd put a link to a different review of Watchmen on here (later of course), different view from mine, but a great review.

Either way, go and see it for yourself, or now if you reading this, wait ever so patiently for it to arrive on DVD :)


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