Saturday, 9 May 2009

Movies I've watched in 2009 - April

Since I'm doing this late I'm trying to remember everything I've seen, so I'll start small and go from there, as they say from little things big things come...or that could just be my arse!

29. Race to Witch Mountain - This was actually lots of fun and I really enjoyed it, which I've already said in another post so I won't repeat it all again - just go see it.

30. Monsters Vs Aliens - FUNNY!! This was fantastic, possibly one of my fave films this year. My fave characters were Seth Rogan's blobby thing and the Insectasaur and Rainn Wilson was hilarious as the evil alien. One of my fave scenes was the Pres. serenading the aliens with the theme tune to Beverly Hills Cop. Pretty much any scene with the General was a hoot as well, I thought he was channeling R. Lee Erny from Full Metal Jacket and Robert Downey Jnr. from Tropic Thunder. I seriously had trouble breathing through the whole of this movie. I'm so glad I saw this at the cinema, I think it would have lost a little if I'd seen it at home. I would totally go see this again fer shizz.

31. Fast and Furious - This was ahem a work of staggering genuis...or not. Don't get me wrong - I loved it, it was crap and I'm okay with that and while I never shun my duty to watch a hot boy this was kinda wooden from all accounts. Michelle seems to have one kind of character she plays, Vin was surly as usual and poor Paul couldn't get a brah in anywhere. I came to the understanding that there was no brahing, on account of them no longer being friends, but come on - right at the end when they were all besties again there was room for one little brah surely...sigh. I will totally admit I loved the opening sequence, suspending all reality, it was brilliant and the drive through the caves was nifty. I don't really know where they can go from here, in terms of the current cast, obviously Vin can't head back to the States, I guess they can take up where Tokyo Drift left off. But one may ask the question, do we really need another FF sequel? Well ok, why not, who doesn't love a hot boy or two driving fast and beating the crap outta each other and lovingly calling each other brah...Dominic and Brian can do a reverse Thelma and Louise and have a bromance that transcends time.

32. Wolverine - Okay I've also done a review of this so I'll keep this one short too. I really enjoyed this, good to be able to see what happened to Logan before X-Men. Hopefully it does well enough that we get some more Origin movies.

I know there were more movies, I just gots to remember them, so until then my pretties, enjoy these lovely reviews and wait ever so patiently and ye shall be rewarded :) Yay bananas!!

Shitballs! I remembered more - how could I forget...

33. 17 Again - I went to this for one reason and one reason only - to perve at the hot boy. Now don't be all mean with the laughing, he's hot and I'm sure that boy could bounce a coin off his butt. I found the actual movie a little disturbing, the movie went to an oh so wrong place when his daughter started mackin on him, complete with sexy talk, growling and biting *gag* The fake dad (Matt Perry's high school friend), is kinda funny. Basically he's mega rich, sounds like he's never been laid and dresses like Clay Aitken. But never fear, he finds time to have some sexy time complete with elf ears. This is by no means an original story and it won't be winning any awards...ok, maybe a few razzies. But it was funny, not pay to see it again fun, but fun no less. Sides did I mention the hot boy?


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