Friday, 29 May 2009

Flights a go-go

Paid the final instalment on our flights today, just that little bit closer now :D We've been very lucky, with a fairly direct flight. We went with Emerits and we leave from Adelaide, quick stop at Melbourne, then to Dubai (sadly only for 2 hours, not enough time to go outside and see stuff), then onto Milan. Then coming back we leave from Heathrow and do the same in reverse. We also extended the time we're staying in Milan, as we arrive a few days earlier than orignally planned, we're staying in the Hotel Capitol. It is a 4* gorgeous hotel, and in fine upmarket backpacking (we decided we're too old for 'real' backpacking), they have a breakfast buffet, pillow menu, and marble jacuzi - which I do believe I will take advantage of.

Depending on jet lag /time we might try and daytrip to Venice, we were going to go the following weekend, after the confrence, but the Regatta festival is on, so it will be busy busy there. So hopefully if we go the weekend before it won't be as hectic. It's not too far by train to Venice, 200 or so kms, fingers crossed it all works out. We've also been looking at a hostel in Paris which looks quite cute and is fairly close to the centre of Paris, sadly our dream of staying in the same hotel as Carrie in SATC is a bust, at around 7000 Euro a night, it's all a little too expensive, even if we share a room. Maybe next time. Maybe we can have coffee and pastries at the hotel if they have a restaurant there.

There are so many places that I want to visit, feel free to let me know of places I should visit. I'm always open to suggestions :) I wish I was going for more than 6 weeks, but I have to come back to work of all things, like, how rude! I've got things to see. Somehow I don't think that work would think that's a valid reason for not coming back.

Until next time, sweet dreams, hopefully of the lovely holiday variety, with hot boy baristas, beautiful scenery and not of the evil Slovenian hostel variety *shudder*


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