Tuesday, 19 May 2009

It's Lady Wood station here tonight!!

The official movie poster for New Moon came out today and I wanna see it now!! The boys are looking all hot and angsty. Kristen's all I gots me hot boys and you ain't got shit. Have a look yourself...it's well tasty.
Hello Salty Goodness :) I know what I'll be giving thanks for this November.

And congratulations and hi to Vicki for being my first follower, you're ace!! Not much else been happenin, work, work and more work and some uni, which I must finish stat. I gotta go gang busters on the whole studying jizz. Also have to add new books I've read. Not sure how, but I've managed to read quite a bit so far this year, maybe it's cause I'm actually recording titles, who knows. My place is not to know it's to ponder. Or something silly like that :)

Ohhh, talking bout emoctions...I learnt how to throw a punch with verticons...

(9o'_'o)=@ Hiyaa!! I just threw a punch baby! Look out Chuck Norris...Boutros coming for ya!!


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