Thursday, 21 May 2009

It's like a cloud for your mouth...

I've pimped my blog, adding a picture to the title thingy, sexy ja? Of course if you go into any library this is how we're all really...would I lie to you. Never. I'm going to Adelaide this weekend which should be lovely and as luck would have it skivving off work early too. Ah the joys of council work. (Contrary to popular belief all of us don't really lean on shovels all day...some of us are lucky enough to have chairs!!

Listening to Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel As School Children at the moment, I'm quite liking it. It's sort of hip hop, rock, R&B and funk. I love their version of Good Vibrations, which is on the One Tree Hill Soundtrack, Vol. 3. It's very easy to listen to, plus they have funny talky bits which is always amusing. I've just discovered that Track 14. Cupid's Chokehold is another some I've heard before and love - just not knowing what I was listening too. I love it when that happens. I've also been listening to Lupe Fiasco's The Cool, which is hip hop, funk and also very (rather appropriately) cool, his song I Gotcha, which I loves is also on the OTH soundtrack.

Well, I'm done for the night at work, so I'm going to finish this post off and try and find my other list of stuff to add, wish me luck, my desk, as usual, looks like a bombs hit it. Organised chaos baby, organised chaos, I know where everything is. Well, almost everything.


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  1. Love the new look......but you shoulda ask me first before you put my piccy up.....but I's forgives ya!!!!


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