Monday, 25 May 2009

It's Library Week!

It's that time of year again. Library Week. When y'all get to come in and discover all the shizz we have here. This week we are inviting all our users to come and try the literacy PCs. They're a great way to practice your literacy and numeracy skills, all which are cleverly disguised as games!! My fave game is the Nessy program, but Word Shark is fun (Numbers Shark would be too if I didn't suck ass at Maths!).

We've got a few display's up to do with our Book Clubs - if only I could find my handcuffs, then my 6 Seconds display would be complete! We also have National Simultaneous Storytime, this year the book is Pete the Sheep by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley. It's a great book, here's a little blurb:

Shaun is a shearer and instead of a sheepdog to help him, he's got a sheep sheep - Pete. After being rejected by the other shearers and their dogs, Shaun and Pete set up a sheep salon in town. Sheep from everywhere arrive to have their wool shorn in the latest style and even the shearers' dogs end up arriving for a cut in order to look gorgeous.

I think that's bout it, check out our website for more info on times for stuff that's happening. I'm heading off for the evening, enjoy yourselves kidlets :)


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