Wednesday, 13 May 2009

'Scuse me but I think you stepped in wookie...

Okay, I know Mildura's not the fashion capital of the world and that trends take a couple of months to reach us and when they do they stick round longer than is proper, but surely we are beyond wearing the furry ugg boots. Wait, let me rephrase that - surely we're beyond wearing ugg boots of any kind in public.


So what's with all the damn ugg boots? Today, my eyes were even more assaulted than usual - ugg boots with fur trim *ack* the fur of course is to make sure she keeps warm on account of half her ass hanging out the top of her jeans, which led to a very scary muffin top issue. Lady (I use the term loosely, here's a tip - if yo fat, too tight hipster jeans are a mistake in any circumstance.

Plus Monday at work there was a guy wearing a fur trimmed, hooded cardigan. I kid you not. I was all WTF! That shits just naff. Not. Cool. In. Any. Circumstance. EVER. Forever, forever, ever, forever ever?...yes Outkast Forevah!!


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