Friday, 8 May 2009

Smidge by Beth Shoshan

I was planning to do a review of some other books I've been reading, but I was putting books away and found Smidge. Very cute, great illustrations (by Jenny Arthur), I couldn't resist. Basically Smidge, likes to eat lollies and lots of them! He goes through the book eating different kinds of lollies, changing his appearance according to what he's just eaten, until he has one lolly too many and then he's driving the technicolour bus - but I think Smidge can boast to being the only creature who still looks cute while doing it.

It's just a whole lot of fun, great colours and use of photography (lollies are from photos, not drawings). As a bonus, if you get the right edition, it comes on the waterproof, tear resistant, child irresistable plasticky paper stuff. Right on!

Enjoy...everyone could use a little Smidge in their lives :)

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