Thursday, 5 February 2009

Training, training go away...come again NEVER!!

I've been rather absent this week and it's all the fault of damn training! The literacy stuff I can handle, I'll be able to put it to good use when our literacy collection is up and running, it'll be nice to be able to help those that are having learning problems. Really when all's said and done I've been playing games all day. So that's fine, what I didn't like was yesterdays training. It was ennegram shit, all to do with personality types. It's basically more pointless crap that we won't use. I hate wasting my time on shit like that grrrrrrrr. What pissed me off more was the trainers telling me I'm a 9 when I'm clearly a 6!! All I can say is please don't confuse my indifference for calmness - really I just don't give a fuck and right now you're making me want to grab the back of your neck so I can better slam your head into the table :)


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