Thursday, 26 February 2009

Books I've read in 2009 - January

Thought I better start this list, so here's January *and in typical library fashion the library crowd goes....* Liven up people it's almost Friday!

1. The Graduate by Charles Webb - I've been meaning to read this for donkey's and I thought new year, why not start with something that's been on my list since Adam was boy, plus the follow up "Home School" was just released. Hmmm...I didn't mind it but the character of Ben just shit me. Whiny, self involved, me me me ugh - grow up and realise it's not all about you. Some scenes I just found painful to read, the scuba suit bit comes to mind here. The way Ben talks to Elaine, personally I'd be smacking him upside the head! I haven't seen the movie either, don't know if I will now.

2. Like a Charm edited by Karin Slaughter - This was a compilation of quirky short stories, the only common point is a charm bracelet. I didn't mind this, all of the stories are quite dark & most of them explict (not for the Betty Neels fans), beginning with a Native American story of how the braclet came about and ending in (if your an optimist), a redemptive fashion that sees the end of the bad luck bracelet.

3. Quentins by Maeve Binchy - Do not get me started - damn my need to finish everything I read but this book shit me from start to end. I was cringing in places. The main character, Ella, has an affair with a married man, the affair ends very badly. The character is childish in her mentality when it comes to the object of her love (who's name escapes me at present), and things don't get much better when he's out of the picture. I pretty much guessed what was going to happen as soon as I started reading and the ending was crap, so much so that I was overheard uttering - DON his name's Don - sorry tangent, 'Thank FUCK for that!"

4. Carry Me Down by M.J. Hyland - Our first book club book, I have a review in an earlier post, check it out!!

There's a couple more but that's all I can remember reading in January at the moment and 'sides, it's 10pm, I still have to go do the dentist and I don't get a sleep in tomorrow morning...baa fricken hum bug.

Enjoy your night, morning wherever you are.


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