Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pan's Labyrinth review

I've been meaning to put this review on since Saturday, so here 'tis.

I saw this at work and took it home over the weekend. I LOVE this movie, I've seen it a couple of times now & every time it's still magical to watch. Del Toro gives excellent direction & the scenery is so beautiful. I love the music & how he comes up with all of the creatures is fantastical & the string beany handy-eye man is deliciously scary (don't ya just love my descriptive prowess!).
After the first time I saw it, I was talking with a friend about the movie & their perspective was completely different. I'd totally fallen for the story, as if it were true, which doesn't happen often. His take was "it's amazing what children will make up to escape an unhappy childhood." I was all what you talkin bout Willis? I was just so into the story I didn't see that persepective at all, but of course in hindsight - it's true.
I could seriously watch this again & again, it's a truly brilliant film & definitely one of my faves. I think that's why I like the second Hell Boy more as well, it has lots elements found in Pan's Labyrinth.


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