Friday, 27 February 2009

Goodbye workers, thanks for all your work, now rack off!!

Time for some current affairs gentle reader. Normally, while I would be pissed, I wouldn't blog about this. But since my Aunt is in the industry (she is now the only full time sewer at George Gross & Harry Who), I thought I'd have at it.

What are you thinking Pacific Brands? I'll tell you - money! Cheaper labour in Asian countries, so it's bye bye Australian jobs and hello unemployment for 553 workers. I understand that everyone's doing it tough, but surely thers are other options? What can we do about ir? Not a lot, the one thing I know I can do is no longer buy the following brands:

Underwear: Antz Pants, Bonds, Berlei (dammit, they have good sports bras), Holeproof, Playtex, Hestia, Jockey, Rio, Voodoo, Razzamatazz.

Mooks, Mossimo, Stussy, Lee, Everlast, Wrangler, Hard Yakka, King Gee, Stubbies, Dowd, NNT, CTE.

Slazenger, Malvern Star, Dunlop, Repco, Rosebank, Maxfli.

Sheridan, Tontine, Sleepmaker, Peri, Dunlipillo, Serta, Actill, Simmons, Fairydown.

Shoes: Dunlop, Hush Puppies, Clarks, Merrell, Julius Marlow, Sachi (sniff...well I'll just buy my hand bags from Spencer & Rutherford instead), Naturalizer, Pierre Fontaine (nooooooooooo), Candy.

End rant.


P.S: I got these companies & all the other info from the Thursday issue of Herald Sun, so if there are any mistakes blame them :)

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