Friday, 13 February 2009


Well it's that time again gentle reader...the weekend. Happily I can report I don't have to work, although I've got some painting to do. I'll be head down bum up trying to finish all my fun books cause I start uni again in a weeks time, should be interesting. We are working in groups this semester - beyond that I don't know much...I kinda haven't read anything else lol.

Tomorrow is of course is Valentine's Day, or as I myself (being bitter, twisted & single), call it Library Lover's Day. Here's a little funny that a friend sent me today. Made me laugh!!

I'll be looking after Shortstack tomorrow night so Dani & Paul can have a night out, so it'll be pizza and DVD's, perhaps something with a hot boy perhaps? There will definitely be C grade action - that is a given. Perhaps I'll even crack my book club book, reading 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult this month. Too bad were not doing Plain Truth cause that's what I'm listening to at the moment - didn't really think that one through.

No doubt it will be a weekend full of fun, frivolity and highjinks! Just like every weekend. Oh yeah, party central at my house. Or we could just have a nice cup of tea and do some knitting...whatever you prefer :). Spinster style - I've got the cat's, (one more and it'll just get weird), twin set & pearls and my hair is kinda always in a bun.

Okay, gotta stop cause I'm just talking crazy, much the same as one of my emails to Asha!

Have a great weekend everyone, hoping that wherever you are your safe, happy & having a good time :)


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