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WWW Wednesdays - 22 Jan

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!!  That's right lovelies, it's Friday, but for the purpose of this post we'll pretend it's Wednesday :)

WWW Wednesdays is hosted by Miz B over at ShouldBeReading.  If you'd like to join in here is what you need to do - answer these three questions:

* What are you currently reading?
* What did you just finish reading?
* What are you going to read next?

* What are you currently reading?

The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt.  This is a chunker of a book, and one from the 1001 books to read before you die list.  I'm about halfway through and I'm just plodding along, it's going to take me a little while, but that's ok.

I like Byatt's writing, I believe she must do a lot of research with her books, as the time and situations in the book are so richly described.  I know not everybody would enjoy the amount of detail, but I like it.  And I love all of the extra stories, (written by Olive),  that are included in the book.  I'm looking forward to reading Possession, another of her titles that is also on the 1001 list.  

I'm also reading, for review, Accidents & Incidents by Riley Graham, which is a contemporary YA.  I'm enjoying it so far and I feel for Leslie, the main character, her mum is a bitch, her boyfriend is a douche, and I'm guessing that she's about to go through some stuff at school - it's full of angst and other good teenagey bid'ness.

* What did you just finish reading?

On the Jellicoe Road (or Jellicoe Road if you have the US publication) by Melina Marchetta.  I cannot express the feels that this book gave me.  I finished this yesterday and I think I need to calm down and sort my thoughts out properly before I do a full review - which I will be doing as I enjoyed it so much.

I don't know why it took me so long to read this, I had to read Looking for Alibrandi for school ages ago and I reread that last year.  Hopefully I'll get the chance this year to read a few of her others.

* What are you going to read next?

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  I mentioned this in my last list, but I got sidetracked by some other books, (as I often do), but I'm still pumped to read this and I may have bought the rest of the series from Book Depository so I can read them all in one awesome bookulp (book + gulp = bookulp.  I think I just made a new word!! If they can put bloody twerking in the OED, I can make stuff up dammit!!) 

 I also have another book from the 1001 list, which I'm going to choose from my exciting TBR Jar, (I haven't made it yet), but I've seen a couple on booktube and I think it's a great idea.  I also have Blood Red Road by Moira Young, which has been on my TBR for ages.

Well there you have it, my WWW Wednesday write up.  Let me know what your WWW is, feel free to leave a comment below or a link to your blog and I'll check it out.  

If you're just stopping by, let me know what your weekend reads are.  I'll keep on with the two I mentioned about, but I also have some books for uni that I need to finish and I have some graphic novels to get to - good thing I've got a four day weekend coming up.

Have a fantastic weekend and for those who celebrate - Happy Australia Day :)



  1. I really need to read On the Jellicoe Road. I've had it on my must read list for ages. I love Melina Marchetta's writing ever since we read her books in year 9 and 10. I loved Saving Francesca. Its a book that still has an impact all these years latter. You can never go wrong with Percy Jackson. I haven't head of The Children's Book. Will need to check it out. Happy Reading and thanks for stopping by my WWW earlier.

    1. Hi :) I can't recommend On the Jellicoe road enough, I think I'll be trying to get everyone to read it! I want to try her fantasy series next, it is supposed to be quite good. I finally received the last two books in the Percy Jackson series, so I see a marathon read in my future :)

      Thanks for stopping by as well :)


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