Sunday, 12 January 2014

Bout of Books Day 6 Wrapup

Bout of Books

Saturday was a good day, I finished two books despite napping a lot, I think the week is catching up with me :( Maggie didn't mind, it meant she got to snooze all day and get belly rubs at the tap of a paw!

Finished today: 2 books. (Living Dead Girl 170 pages & How to Dance with a Duke 131 pages read today.)
Continued listening to The Children's Book: 3 pages.
Started reading She is not Invisible 24 pages.

Number of Pages Read Today: 328 pages. (including all audio).
Cumulative Total: 1,082 pages. (not including all audio).
Number of Books Read so far: 6.
I'm not taking part in the challenges as I want to read as much as I can, I keep spending too much time on social media, when I could be reading.  Although I'm disappointed I missed the twitter Q&A, I think that would've been fun I think.
Hope you're all going well on your challenges and getting lots of reading done - I've got just over 8 hours left of my challenge left - I'm going to try and finish She is not invisible - 314 pages to go O.o EEEK!! Best get reading.


  1. Wow! That's some serious book reading! Congrats on 6 books in!

    1. It's thanks to audio books, not a lot of sleep and not having to work over the weekend! I don't normally read this much in a week :) Thanks for stopping by.


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