Wednesday, 4 March 2009

What I've watched in 2009 - February

Just thought I'd jump on for a quick post, it's late and I still have lots of work to do. I've got fingers crossed that Watchmen will start here tomorrow - technically it's been advertised at the cinema so is should be here. Anyway I thought I'd update my movie viewing, which sadly there was not a lot of. I'll start with a little JCVD. lol.

14. In Hell - OMG! Where do I start, I spent the majority of this movie having a right chuckle. The action montage that was bound to happen was a hoot and my favorite bit was where the huge dude that spends the majority of the film locked up in solitary realises who JCVD is and they bang the wall in a show of solidarity and solitary confinement brotherhood. LOVES IT!! We followed up with

15. Wake of Death - This one also produce much hilarity, but was on the crapper side of the scale. But it did give JCVD the oppertunity to flex his muscles in a touching scene with his dead wife. Which brings me to the next question - why do the majority of his spouses end up dead?? Poor ladies, so he won't find anyone to play his missus.

16. Babylon A.D. - Again, I know, but I'm doing the whole acurately recording what I watch plus hello!! Vin Diesel. There were bits missing from this version I saw, not anything important but I was all did I fall asleep and miss...but I didn't, they were just trying to trick me while I was basking in the glory of Vin. Which then put me in the mood to watch...

17. A Man Apart - Which is a pretty good film, I like the actiony bits and it's nice to see Vin doing a little hot shoe shuffle...what I wouldn't give...I don't need both kidneys right??

18. Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans - Words fail me a how bad this actually was. I had read a review saying that this was the best of the 3 movies, but Bill Nighy's overacting ruined it for me. I couldn't take him or his character seriously. I didn't mind the two leads, Lucian and Sonja & some of the fight scenes were quite good, although some were a bit fast which made it hard to see. I totally didn't get why the opening credits from the first film were placed at the end. It had no bearing on the rest of the film, just weird. Overall, I did like how if fleshed out the lycan/death dealers histories - but it could have been so much better.

Okay, I think there may be one or two more, but I'll catch up with that later. Enjoy what's left of your night/day :)


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