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I thought it was about time I did my review of the movie. Personally - I loved it. It's cheesy, has some suspect CGI and made me cringe a couple of times, but the mix of beautiful people, surrounds and music along with a kick ass story and it thumbs up baby.

The gorgeous landscape & brilliant cinematography (I now want to move to Portland, Oregon!! But shh...don't tell my cuj, she wants me to move to Stirling) was fantastic. The wide shots of the mountains and foggy bits really set the mood. It was truly beautiful and almost a character of it's own.

The music - I think the soundtrack is great, there's isn't a song that I don't like - I just wish that the song that's playing as the credits roll (Radionhead), was on the soundtrack too. Some standouts are The Black Ghosts - Full Moon, Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire, Paramore - Decode Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth and how could I not mention Robert Pattinson, he has two songs on the soundtrack Never Think and Let Me Sign (only available on the iTunes release). I also bought the score by Carter Burwell who created Bella's Lullaby - genius!! I really love the score, it has some beautiful pieces.

Now onto the hot boys!! Just what everyone was waiting for. Let's start with Rob, I'd never seen him in anything else and I have now happily jumped on the RPattz bandwagon, I'm in lust baby - LUST!! I recently watched 'The Bad Mother's Handbook', which was hilarious and quite different from Edward, but I think he's great. When I first saw pictures, I had huge doubts he didn't really look like the Edward I'd pictured, but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't really have access to much else (I'm so not watching harry fucker and that's final). But I like his performance. I love the little smile he has as Jessica is explaining who they all are in the the cafeteria.

I thought Kellan Lutz nailed Emmett, the baseball & kitchen scenes cemented it for me, he was great and these are two of my favorite scene in the movie. Jackson Rathbone was great as Jasper, I like his constant pained look, makes me laugh. Peter Facinelli as Carlise made me go hmmm, the first time I saw him, but I think he was a good choice. Cam Giganet as James was suitable menacing and Billy Burke as Charlie was FUNNY! I really loved his character, he bought some lightness and mirth to the film. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, he's hot, but he'skind of a non event in this movie, I'm so glad they kept him for NM and I'm really looking forward to seeing him being able to expand in this role (literally & figuratively).

As for Kristen Stewart as Bella, overall, I liked her, a couple of points I was all blah (where she wigs out at the hospital - just a little weird), but I thought she did a great job. I loved her in Into The Wild. I'm looking forward to her in NM & hopefully she gets to do all the cool stuff with Jacob she does in the book. I thought Ashley Greene as Alice was great, she really brought the character to life. Nikki Reed as Rosalie was matched in some ways, she played nasty well, but (and I mean no disrespect), she isn't the most beautiful lady in the world. I so love her shoes tho - me wannie!! Elizabeth Reaser as Esme was a non event really, kinda like Jacob, what I saw I liked, hopefully there's more to come.

I haven't really done all the characters, but since this could possible go down as one of the longest posts in blogging history (well mine anyway), I'm not going to mention them all :)

Now what was wrong with it - let's start with the sparkly bits, I just didn't like it. Somehow it looked too fake, don't ask me how to fix it but hopefully they do for the rest of the films. Make up is also something they need to play with, some of the lipstick on the boy vamps was too dark, it looked weird, but then I supposed most lipstick would look like too much on pasty white faces.

I was also disappointed with the Cullen house. In the books it reads like it a huge victorian mansion, respendant with old world charm & antique furniture, the house in the movie, while beautiful and open is far too modern and archetectual (I think I just made that word up). Which also brings me to Edward's room - it's all wrong. Again, I had a much bigger, masculine and darker room in mind. I love the openess of the room, but I don't know how well it will translate when they get to certain scenes in Eclipse.

Now that we're in Edwards room - WTF is with 'spidermonkey'? I actually squealed and asked that very question the first time I saw this at the cinema. It's not in the book and I can't remember where I read it but apparently Hardwick gave Rob a number of lines and that's the one he chose. Ack, I still feel dirty...the other wierd moment was the first time Bella & Edward are in the classroom (or as I've come to know it the 'jizz in my pants scene' - type Edward - jizz in my pants into YouTube and you'll see what I mean, lolz). I understand the scene and why it was filmed that way, but it's still funny, I'm glad that I'd previously cracked and read 'Midnight Sun' (Twilight from Edwards pov), as it explained the whole shudder incident.

I'm hoping the next couple of movies are a little more 'adult', from what I remember, there was a whole lot more kissing and I missed that from the movie, I would have loved to see more smooching - although I thought the kissing scene was good with the whole 'don't move, etc'. I don't know bout you, but if that was me I woulda been all over him like a fat kid with a plate of donuts!!

Overall, I really loved the film, it's not perfect by a long stretch, but I didn't care. I think as a whole it's a lovely movie. It may have helped that I hadn't read Twilight since it first came out in 05. I know a quite a few people were disappointed as it didn't follow the book more. But you can't realistically put everything from the book in the movie, it's not an option. I'm not very impatiently waiting for the dvd release so I can checkout the extras...I want it now!!!! And I'm looking forward to NM, only 9 months or so and it's here!!


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