Friday, 27 March 2009

Weekly Hotboy among other things!!

Scuse me, I haven't posted for a week, so now I'm doing it all in one go! I was trying to decide who to have as my weekly hotboy when I stumbled upon some funny, so here it all is :) Guaranteed to make ya giggle.

Cause seriously - who doesn't love Chuck Norris!! Even if you didn't you still say you did - look at him he'd bust you a new asshole!
Fabio, oh Fabio, where for art thou Fabio, beef cake at it's best and perhaps what he should stick to. Less writing more pictures.
Can you imagine my joy when I was told that they are considering a McGuyver movie - I would be so there, I friggin loved that show. Now you can laugh at me all you want, but here is my weekly hotboy, I found him in the funny bits and I really love the photo - plus I'll happily stand up and tell y'all I'm a HSM junkie, it's so crap it's good. So enjoy the eye candy and the funnies :)
and stop laughing at my boy crush!! :P


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