Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Happy Hump Day!

It's all rather late in the day, (for some of us). I'm posting a quick hola before I pack up & head back to Ouyen, just thought I continue the all things Irish & bring you some great Irish authors.

Maeve Binchy always springs to mind, although sometimes her novels infuriate me - Quentins was the last one of hers that I read and I'm still cranky bout it!

John Connelly, who has written some excelent thrillers, Dark Hollow was my favorite.

Samuel Beckett - I have Westward Ho! to read at the moment, as a follow on from the books I had to read for uni last semster.

James Joyce - I'm still trying to read Ulysses, I was going to go the audio CD route, but that's still 24 odd CD's - does it count that I've seen Nora?? Which is about his relationship with (funnily enough), Nora. Has Ewan McGregor - so who am I to complain, brilliant film btw.

There's also Deidre Purcell, John Banville, George Bernard Shaw, Colm Tiobin (The fantastic 'Blackwater Lightship') & William Butler Yeats.

I'd love to say I've read everyone mentioned, but alas - I'm a slackarse, but one day I'm sure!! Enjoy the rest of your day, I'm bout to pack up the mobile - time to go home - YAY!!


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