Thursday, 5 March 2009

It's a circus out there...I just won't be returning to this one...

Okay, against my better judgement I've decided to listen to Britney Spears' new album Circus. So far I'd only heard two of the songs - Womanizer & Circus. Which I'll admit are catchy, boppy tunes. So far I'm a bit meh, it all sounds the same and in Shattered Glass she says glass weird and it annoys me.

I quickly getting bored of the CD, not a promising sign when I'm not even half way through. It just gets worse - from the dull and droning Unusual You to the co-written MMM Papi - ugh. Monotonous, boring and there were a couple of songs that I just vagued out it's that uninspiring.

Okay, I'm back from my desk shift I have four tracks left!! It's just bad, I don't like it. Oh God, kill me now, (okay - I'm being dramatic, but desperate measures n all). I'm now listening to My Baby, which is also co-written by Britney and it's - well words kinda escape me, beyond what I've said, I think my brain is officially leaking out of my ears. One song to go - apparently it's a bonus. NO IT'S NOT!!!! I just want it to end.

Well from the above, I think it's pretty plain that the CD (imo) is shite and I would be happy to never have to listen to it again. The first two tracks, which are the ones that I'd heard before were the only ones that I didn't mind listening to. That said, I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to them. It just means that if there was nothing else on the radio and I didn't have a CD I would put up with them.


Okay, I'm just adding this little bit, on account of me not noticing it when I orginally listening to the CD. I was at the gym the other morning and 'if you seek amy' was playing and it dawned on me what she was really saying - yes people, I am a little slow. Just in case it hasn't got all logical for you or you haven't heard the song, Britney sings sommat like 'all the girls and boys want, iF yoU (C)seeK me'. Classy I know and just for your info Brintney - no I don't want to shag you, ack YOU MAKE ME WANNA HURL!!!!

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