Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Yay!! It worked

Just thought I would express my overwhelming joy at the fact that my first go at embedding (grrrowwwl - sorry mind tangent), stuff went well!! Yay for me and yay for you, 'cause hello, now you get to watch funny stuff. Of course, now I shall lazily pepper my blog with silly bits from YouTube. Right on.

I'm also plesantly surprised to see that there is someone who actually looks at this blog apart from me, I put a hit counter on last week and it is steadily rising which is nice and scary cause now I will have to actually put real stuff on here. Don't worry Vicki - hot boys will still be a huge feature of my blog, 'cause it's what I'm all about :)

But feel free anyone to comment, I like to do the talky thing and seriously I don't bite, well unless asked of course.


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