Saturday, 31 January 2009

Writing offspring...BLAGH!!

Apparently, if your parent(s) write novels, so can you. What is with the whole, mummy writes books why can't I? It kinda shits me and because of the name they automatically get on the bestsellers list. I'll happily admit I've never read Higgins Clark, McCaffery or the Kellermans, (not any real reason for it, I just haven't felt like it) But why? They stick to the genre of their parents, so it's not like it's anything new, it's like the book version of the colour by numbers pictures. How can they be original? What's so great about the younger generation - I suppose I'd have to read one to find out but...meh...don't really wanna.

I'd rather keep reading my sexy books. I'm reading at the moment, four short sexy paranormal stories. I originally wanted this for the Alyssa Day story as I like her Warriors of Poseidon series, but I liked the other stories as well.

I finished Carry me Down on Thursday, this is our first Book Club book. I did enjoy it and it was easy to read but I'm still all a little huh? A couple points in the book had me cringing (namely the kittens, when the school bully gets hers and the end bit with the mum), but I do think it fell a little short, it wasn't fantastic, just sort of slow & stifiling. It was real in the sense that it portrayed everyday life in the boringest of forms. It certainly would have been a totally different book seen through the eyes of one of the other characters, perhaps darker if told by the mum.

Hence, somethings that may seem sinister to an 11 year old boy, would be mundane to an adult. The books doesn't really end, kinda like really life - I don't know if this was intentionally written this way, but that sort of ending just kinda pisses me off. Unless I'm reading a trilogy, I like my books to have a definite ending. I did sympathise with the characters a little, but to be honest I was also happy to have finished it, as it was depressing that everyone just seemed stuck, unable to really communicate what they were feeling. As the book unfolds, the characters, especially John's parents unravel and it was kinda painful to read in places. Despite all that happens, the characters end up in the same place they started, perhaps hip to what's happening to their family, but choosing to ignore the disfuction and the havoc that it wrecks on their lives. But perhaps the author is again trying to portray the futility of their struggle and highlighting that you can't really escape your life, no matter how shitty it is...whoa deep. Time for me to have a Bex, lie down and watch some hot boys to bring back the happy. Toot suite!

The review is kinda all over the place but I'm too lazy to make it flow nicer :) Plus the links are a little wonky, click on the Wild Thing picture - it'll take you to one of the greatest online bookshops in the world - Rendezvous! and click on the Carry Me Down writing, which will take you to Dymocks, where a much more succinct review is waiting your perusal.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies :)


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