Saturday, 31 January 2009


Well I just went the way of the baaaa masses and joined Twitter and before I knew it an hour had disappeared. I was actually surprised that it wasn't blocked as the IT evil has blocked Facebook/myspace again (not that I really use myspace - but hello I'd still like the option). There were two peeps from Facebook that I know, but I added a few others that sounded funny to get me started. Who knows how involved I'll get with it.

A lot of the other Learning 2.0 stuff we were originally exploring is not visited very often by me. The things I've kept up are my blog, LibraryThing, Facebook, I honestly can't remeber the last time I went on Delicious or Technorati and sadly I havn't been on flickr lately either.

I do have Bloglines to thank for me joining Twitter tho, I saw my link and logged in for the first time in ages. But I hadn't been on there since last year and to be honest - I probably won't go back much either. Why you may ask? Well, all the blogs I read are in the 'Blogs I follow' part of my dashboard. I can honestly say I'm happy I got to do the Learning 2.0 training, but a lot of the stuff I won't really use. But I guess that is the beauty of it - you take what works for you and use it and discard the rest. I guess that's one of the downfalls of all the new technologies - when do all the apps get to be too much? What's the point of adding everything? I don't think I would have enough time or patience to update/visit all the sites every day, too lazy is me.

I supposed the other reason I'm pissed about it is that being in the 21st Century, I'd like to have the option of connecting with our patrons / other staff & friends using Web 2.0 technologies. That's what the original Learning 2.0 speel was all about. It shits me that we are given all the training and told to go out and explore, frolick to your little Web 2.0 hearts content and then can't use it because it's against IT policy. It's BULLSHIT!!!! *insert my rarrrgh face here, it's all red and shiny*

I just don't get it, do people just like to make me cranky?


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