Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Can't live with them, can't shoot 'em...can we????

You know those days, when nothing goes right from the start? I've had one of those, right from me waking up at 2 minutes to 9 *insert squeal here* to the annoying customer - I really do try to be understanding, but sometimes it's just beyond me, so to cheer myself up I went off and found on YouTube (after 5pm of course IT Boys), Monty Pythons Bookshop sketch just to give you a little taste, gentle read what it's like to work in a public library populated by what we so lovingly call 'the great unwashed'.

Now that was fun wasn't it!! Fingers crossed it's a better day all round tomorrow and really - it ought to be specially since I don't start until 1pm. Yay for me I get to sleep in and catch up on all the bad telly that I do so love to watch.

I'm also hoping that this will actually work and YouTube will magically put the little box thingy smack bang in the middle right where I want it. Cross things lovelies and hope for the best :)


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