Friday, 23 January 2009


It's that time again lovelies - the weekend! Ohhhh...cept o'course if you have to work :)

Moi does not and she is very chuffed 'bout that. I'm starting my long weekend off in fine form, with din din at Vibe tonight, then it's wham bam stitches out tomorrow morning, which should be interesting since I'll have short stack with me and he does like to throw a tanty, then it's off to see the 'Sonatas of Beethoven' on Sunday night, I do like a bit of the Beets and some culture never hurt a lass.

Monday of course is Orstraaylya Day, which I'm sure I'll celebrate in fine skippy form by sitting on my butt drinking alcmahol, all while eating snags with dead horse, some suspect 'rissoles love!' and for pudding - some pav :) Followed by perhaps some J's so I can tune into Hottest 100. It'll be grand I'm sure.

Where ever you are, I hope that you all have a fantastic Australia Day and that you get to spend in fine fashion, with family, friends & burnt BBQ meat!! :D


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