Thursday, 22 January 2009

Pirate update!

Sloppy is doing well, girly is getting her stitches out on Sat. She's still ladying it around the house, taking over my room and demanding things by standing on my head. She is also a fan of the whiny miaow and whacking me in the face with her cone, lol.

I thought I would share a funny picture (not of Sloppy - but of what Sloppy looks like at the moment when she eats - trust moi, it will all make sense when you see it.) Funny funny.

Poor girl, she'll be much happier on Sat, finally she will taste the blissful freedom of life without a cone. Oh yes, if she had opposable thumbs she would burn it!! Mind you if she did have opposable thumbs, she would have already taken it off. :D


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