Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sad things Mikey, sad things...

Okay, crazy times at the moment. It's a shit storm at home I tell ya. Last week I discovered that Sloppy had an ulcer on her left eye, first off the vet gave me ointment and antibiotics, that didn't help much, when I took her back for her check up, it had started to go necrotic - translation, she had a black spot on her eye that was stopping it from healing. So I took her in the next day and they did a proceure where they try to scrape the dead bits off and then sew the 3rd eyelid over the ulcer, then sew the whole eye shut and leave it for two weeks, with hopefully good results.

So now she had two weeks of wearing a cone and having to stay inside the house. She's already showed me how she feels about this by making me bleed this morning, pretty little petal that she is. I feel terrible for her, she doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain and the drugs I give her each morning is supposed to help with that, but fingers crossed it works, because if it doesn't, the next step is to see a specialist - which will cost $1000 at least. On the plus side her antics in getting used to the cone are making me laugh, she's very cute trying to navigate with it.

While this was happening, I had to go to Adelaide for the weekend as my Poppa, who we thought had Alzheimer's, actually has a brain tumor. To be more precise he has a Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is 4cm by 6cm and is inoperable. It is the most common and most aggressive type of primary brain tumor, accounting for 52% of all primary brain tumor cases and 20% of all intracranial tumors. It has knocked us all for six, on the weekend we though the prognosis, while terminal was pretty good, 6 months to 2 years, but we found out yesterday, he may have as little as two weeks, something I'm still not fully comprehending. Hence I think, the reason I'm here at 1 am in the morning, rather than at home, eating my dinner :)

It was amazing to see the difference in him Saturday, which was the first full day after the initial steroid was administered. The swelling had gone down, allowing him to eat a little and to communicate, answering our questions coherently and actually adding to what we were saying. Sunday was even betterm with him feeding himself and drinking tea by himself, which was such a joy to see, especially after seeing him lying there, not doing anything. It so sad, he's our last grandparent left and he's so great, the best Poppa you could ask for. He's always been hands on with us and some of my fondest memories of Poppa is watching him when he was working, (he was a photographer) and us kids dressing him up and putting make up on him at Christmas time - the guy has some seriously wicked eyebrows, which you could do some great things with, lol.

I'm just really sad he'll be gone soon and that his great grand children won't get a chance to know him, because he's just brilliant. He certainly began my love afair with the 'Classics', as he's a huge Charles Dickens fan, and so it became a bit of a tradition each time I visited to read some Dickens. Anyway, I'm wallowing and I still have to do some stuff, which will involve me talking to actual people so I'm going to stop here before I make myself cry. My little vent is over (for now).


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