Monday, 3 November 2008

Post Halloween Round up, just in time for Melbourne Cup Day

I hope everyone's Halloween was smashing!! Mine was rather mellow, but I did manage to partake in some very tasty Haigh's...I'm so in lust with their Cappacino Bars...sooooo good :p I also got to see the new version of Prom Night, which actually wasn't too bad, I'll have to put a review up in the next couple of days. Anyway, I opened Saturdays Garfield comic strip and it was so cute I thought I'd put it on here too...
Well tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day, I hope you've all got your horses backed, I've got a little sweep at work on: Master O'Reilly, Bauer, Prize Lady & Moatize. I must admit, I'm totally ignorant about this years horses, but seriously - how can a horse named after Jack Bauer lose, he'll have time to win the race, save the girl, kick all the bad guys asses and still look good for the cup photo!!

Mumma and Barry are off to Spain tomorrow, (lucky ducks get to go on holiday for 3 months - I still have to wait nearly a year, damn it), so I'd better get home and help with dinner, have a great day off tomorrow, hope at least one of my horses wins, if not at least I'll be consoled by The Transporter (I'm off to see Death Race tomorrow as well), and lets not forget...HOT BOYS...tonight 9:30. Poor Dean get haunted by a ghostie. Oh to be a ghostie, cept I don't think I'd be picky, I'd haunt 'em both!! :)


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