Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday night's alright for fighting

It's that time again peoples, the weekend! Although, I don't get to experience it in it's full glory as I have to work this weekend. But that's not stopping me - I'm looking forward to kickin' ass tonight at Trivia, we've reformed Jenny's Friends and we've entered into an intense trivia training program...who am I kidding!! So far our training has consisted of me playing 'Eye of the Tiger' and thrusting the trivia book up in the air in time with the beat, with a few questions peppered in there for good measure. But hey, we haven't trained so far and we've either won or come second each time so why mess with the formula.

Plus, on the teeve tonight is a most excellent movie 'Shark Swarm', it's about a town that is terrorised by crazed killer sharks after they are poisoned by toxic waste (or there abouts). Sounds like an excellent serve of 'C'-Grade crappola if you ask moi and I can't wait...VERY cited I am.

I'd love to say I'll be having a leisurely weekend, but sadly if I'm not working, I'll be doing schoolwork, I'm still not entirely convinced a summer class was a good idea. I've got a lot of reading to do on a subject I'm not terribly interested in - Library Management, don't get me wrong, it's interesting in small doses, but I've already done 2 management classes and I'm totally happy being a pleb. I want more fun subjects, too bad I only have 2 library electives left to do, but I guess then I have my non library majors to do...argh, now I'm giving myself a headache. I just have to keep telling myself 2 more years and I'm done.

Okay, now I've had my little meltdown/rant, I'm off to do some more work, enjoy your weekend, whatever your doing have fun! No doubt I'll be posting over the weekend, what else am I gonna do????


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