Monday, 10 November 2008

It's not noice and it's not really unyewsyuall

I finally watched the first two episodes of the US version of Kath & Kim and I have to say - what a disappointment. It really was lacking in yumor and I can totally see why 7 axed it after two weeks. It just wasn't funny. I know that the original creaters went over and helped produce the show but it seems like they lost 'it', whatever that may be. Kim wasn't ocker enough and she's not supposed to be good looking, she needed to be more 'trailer park'. Kath just reminded me of Peggy Bundy from 'Married with Children'. Although I must admit her workout outfit did get me cracking a smile. I thought I'd get a laugh out of the show, even comparing it with the original, because I don't usually get bothered by the whole remake thing, but it wasn't funny. The characters/timing just seemed off. So I guess I'll just have to stick to the original version, skipping the movie and last season because they weren't really that funny.

On the plus side I watched 'Doomsday' with Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell etc. I really enjoyed it, super gory but I started watching this thinking that it was a zombie movie, preparing to be scared, but wasn't, there are a couple of jumpy outy bits, but you kinda know they're going to happen so you're prepared for it. The grossness factor is right up there though...ewwww is all I can say, there's exploding bits and medium rare long pig, it's all a little icky. This is from the guy (Neil Marshall), who did Dog Soldiers and The Descent, both of which I liked. I was well chuffed that the guy from Dog Soldiers (Darren Morfitt) was in it and he didn't die - yay! I think this had caught a lot of flack for not being very original and I have to say I kept on waiting for Tina Turner to pop out and start singing 'We don't need another hero', I could see heaps of other movies as I was watching - Mad Max, Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, Underworld, but I didn't really care, I was having a ball. Rhona Mitra's character (Mjr. Eden Sinclair), has a glass eye which she uses to her advantage and is pretty nifty and I must say - I feel very sorry for the poor bunny :( Overall, I didn't care that it didn't have fantastic dialogue and that it wasn't completely original, cause seriously - how can any movie be 100% original? I had fun, lmao, cringed and it had a hot boy, so I was happy :)

Okay that's enough of my opinion for the day, it's off to book group for me, enjoy your day.


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