Friday, 7 November 2008

Library Stereotypes

It's weird how even today we are still dealing with the same sterotypes of the traditional librarian, none of the ladies that I work with come close to it!! We are the rowdiest bunch you'd ever find, and we all love noise in our library. I don't think I've ever shushed anyone, although I must admit, I've asked kids 'where the fire at?' when they've been running.

I do remember the librarian at my old library when I was little was a bit of a scary grouch, but for the most part I think libraries today are trying to promote themselves as places for everyone to enjoy. I particularly liked the New Zealand, (I think), advertising campaign of 'libraries being the living room of the city', which is something that we have tried to embrace at our library.

For you're viewing pleasure, I've added a different kinda library chick, because it seems that there's two kinds of librarian: the bun toting, twin set & pearl wearing, shushing spinsters or the naughty, but sexy BDSM librarian, who just wants to punish you for having late books, ( I don't know if you guys have seen Tom Cats, but there is a very funny scene involving some late books and a paddle).

My friend always sends me funny library pictures - and I have to say I'd much rather be looking like this, than as a dowdy librarian, although I must admit, I have on occasion rocked the twin set & pearls :) Either way...Librarians rule baby!


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