Friday, 1 August 2008

Water Witcher by Jan Ormerod

Here's the first of 49 reviews -I hope :), sans 1 I know, but that's been discussed already and I ain't budgin'!!

"Dougie and his sisters can't remember the last time it rained. The crops are brown and the fields are dusty. Dougie decides to teach himself water divining, so he can be a water witcher, just like his grandad. But his family is sceptical. Can Dougie find water where there is none?"

The colours are beautiful and serve to highlight our drought stricken land, while still managing to be bright and engaging - with gorgeous orange and cobalt blue. I really like the simple illustrations, they help the book to come alive and obviously the subject matter is something that we are all living with at the moment. It made me remember when I was a kid and how we used to run around with sticks and try and find water. This was easy to read, and not being too long would be good for a storytime reading.

Okay, with the hoity n all, but hey, not really worried, it brings back memories of the Picasso exhibit and the funny dude explaining what it all meant to his lesser informed friend - which was well worth the price of admission right there.


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