Monday, 11 August 2008

And just a little something more...number four!

This was originally part of my 'I've just added LibraryThing' post, (from Tuesday, July 22, 2008), but I chopped a bit off at the start and now theres just this bit!!

Just a little side bar - I love all the great technology that has been coming out, but as you might have noticed, from my post today, I have a little trouble keeping track of all my passwords and usernames. I've tried to keep it simple, so that I can remember all of them, but it doesn't always work. Although as newly minted user, (2 weeks so far)of Firefox, I'm soooooo in love with it. It remembers all my passwords and logins, which is a distinct advantage over Internet Explorer.

I'm enjoying rediscovering different 2.0 tools, I haven't played with some of them since I did my Learning 2.0 course. So it's great to be able to brush up. I'll admit that some of the features I was introduced to were fun to play with, but were not something I would use a lot. But I guess that's what Web 2.0 and Learning 2.0 is all about - the freedom to discover the things you like and being able to customise them so that they work best for you.

Okay, this post is HUGE, so I'm sending it on it's merry way now. :)


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