Monday, 11 August 2008

Sick dear? who dear, me dear, oh yes dear! ( originally published on Blog Version 2.0 on Thursday, August 7, 2008)

And here's number three:

Sadly, I'm not terrible improved, but I did have a good sleep in, which resulted in me being 11/2 hours late for work - what fun and games that was when I realised. On the plus side I'm on the mobile again tomorrow, so I should be able to do some more reading for uni, lets hope that I have an actual Internet connection that works this week. Well, I've nothing else exciting to blog about.

Bored now, I hear you all say, but alas there is nothing I can do ;), perhaps a nice book will suffice. My birthday books I'd ordered have finally arrived (5 months late), and now I have to wait at least another month before I can even attempt to crack one and there's 5 of them - which will be a great test of my will, because I'm all cited and I want to read them all NOW!!!!

Okay, I've just spied the clock, it's nearly 8pm, so past time for me to go home. Hopefully I'll be blogging tomorrow.


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