Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Moving and a shakin' and heaving britches ta boot!

Okay my side bar's getting a little full, so I thought I would swap a couple of things over and put them in a normal post :) I'll probably end up adding to this collection of gems by the way.

How do I love thee period drama, let me count the ways...

  • Pride and Prejudice (BBC) - Mr. Firth playing Mr. Darcy - Hello! Need I say more
  • Pride and Prejudice (Movie) - I do like this version (not as much as the BBC one tho), but hey, there's dopey hot boy, angsty hot boy, naughty hot boy, there's one for every occasion!!
  • The Forsyte Saga 1 & 2 - it's got more hot boys than you could poke a stick at and a good story to boot
  • North & South - Why hello Mr. Armitage. I so don't mind if I do
  • The Buccaneers - mmm...Greg Wise
  • Wives and Daughter - it's angsty, it's sexy, I loves it
and further to this list, the new Jane Austen Adaptions:
  • Persuasion - Hello Mr. Penry-Jones, isn't this a nice change from Spooks, still all angsty I see. Never mind, those side burns are working well I might add :)
  • Northanger Abbey - Can't remember you're name, but be sure to leave your hat on, it makes you all distinguished and hides your bouffy hair. Plus from certain angles you look like Matthew Goode, which is always a bonus!
  • Mansfield Park - Ahh silly hot boy, he's a favorite. Doesn't know what he's missing until it's almost gone and then there's all the stuttering and my 'I've always loved this room', pure gold. I quite like to movie version of this with Johnny Lee Miller - he's oh so pretty, no wonder Angelina Jolie married him!!
  • Emma - Which I havn't watched yet so watch this space!!

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