Saturday, 31 January 2009

Writing offspring...BLAGH!!

Apparently, if your parent(s) write novels, so can you. What is with the whole, mummy writes books why can't I? It kinda shits me and because of the name they automatically get on the bestsellers list. I'll happily admit I've never read Higgins Clark, McCaffery or the Kellermans, (not any real reason for it, I just haven't felt like it) But why? They stick to the genre of their parents, so it's not like it's anything new, it's like the book version of the colour by numbers pictures. How can they be original? What's so great about the younger generation - I suppose I'd have to read one to find out but...meh...don't really wanna.

I'd rather keep reading my sexy books. I'm reading at the moment, four short sexy paranormal stories. I originally wanted this for the Alyssa Day story as I like her Warriors of Poseidon series, but I liked the other stories as well.

I finished Carry me Down on Thursday, this is our first Book Club book. I did enjoy it and it was easy to read but I'm still all a little huh? A couple points in the book had me cringing (namely the kittens, when the school bully gets hers and the end bit with the mum), but I do think it fell a little short, it wasn't fantastic, just sort of slow & stifiling. It was real in the sense that it portrayed everyday life in the boringest of forms. It certainly would have been a totally different book seen through the eyes of one of the other characters, perhaps darker if told by the mum.

Hence, somethings that may seem sinister to an 11 year old boy, would be mundane to an adult. The books doesn't really end, kinda like really life - I don't know if this was intentionally written this way, but that sort of ending just kinda pisses me off. Unless I'm reading a trilogy, I like my books to have a definite ending. I did sympathise with the characters a little, but to be honest I was also happy to have finished it, as it was depressing that everyone just seemed stuck, unable to really communicate what they were feeling. As the book unfolds, the characters, especially John's parents unravel and it was kinda painful to read in places. Despite all that happens, the characters end up in the same place they started, perhaps hip to what's happening to their family, but choosing to ignore the disfuction and the havoc that it wrecks on their lives. But perhaps the author is again trying to portray the futility of their struggle and highlighting that you can't really escape your life, no matter how shitty it is...whoa deep. Time for me to have a Bex, lie down and watch some hot boys to bring back the happy. Toot suite!

The review is kinda all over the place but I'm too lazy to make it flow nicer :) Plus the links are a little wonky, click on the Wild Thing picture - it'll take you to one of the greatest online bookshops in the world - Rendezvous! and click on the Carry Me Down writing, which will take you to Dymocks, where a much more succinct review is waiting your perusal.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies :)



Well I just went the way of the baaaa masses and joined Twitter and before I knew it an hour had disappeared. I was actually surprised that it wasn't blocked as the IT evil has blocked Facebook/myspace again (not that I really use myspace - but hello I'd still like the option). There were two peeps from Facebook that I know, but I added a few others that sounded funny to get me started. Who knows how involved I'll get with it.

A lot of the other Learning 2.0 stuff we were originally exploring is not visited very often by me. The things I've kept up are my blog, LibraryThing, Facebook, I honestly can't remeber the last time I went on Delicious or Technorati and sadly I havn't been on flickr lately either.

I do have Bloglines to thank for me joining Twitter tho, I saw my link and logged in for the first time in ages. But I hadn't been on there since last year and to be honest - I probably won't go back much either. Why you may ask? Well, all the blogs I read are in the 'Blogs I follow' part of my dashboard. I can honestly say I'm happy I got to do the Learning 2.0 training, but a lot of the stuff I won't really use. But I guess that is the beauty of it - you take what works for you and use it and discard the rest. I guess that's one of the downfalls of all the new technologies - when do all the apps get to be too much? What's the point of adding everything? I don't think I would have enough time or patience to update/visit all the sites every day, too lazy is me.

I supposed the other reason I'm pissed about it is that being in the 21st Century, I'd like to have the option of connecting with our patrons / other staff & friends using Web 2.0 technologies. That's what the original Learning 2.0 speel was all about. It shits me that we are given all the training and told to go out and explore, frolick to your little Web 2.0 hearts content and then can't use it because it's against IT policy. It's BULLSHIT!!!! *insert my rarrrgh face here, it's all red and shiny*

I just don't get it, do people just like to make me cranky?


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Yay!! It worked

Just thought I would express my overwhelming joy at the fact that my first go at embedding (grrrowwwl - sorry mind tangent), stuff went well!! Yay for me and yay for you, 'cause hello, now you get to watch funny stuff. Of course, now I shall lazily pepper my blog with silly bits from YouTube. Right on.

I'm also plesantly surprised to see that there is someone who actually looks at this blog apart from me, I put a hit counter on last week and it is steadily rising which is nice and scary cause now I will have to actually put real stuff on here. Don't worry Vicki - hot boys will still be a huge feature of my blog, 'cause it's what I'm all about :)

But feel free anyone to comment, I like to do the talky thing and seriously I don't bite, well unless asked of course.


Can't live with them, can't shoot 'em...can we????

You know those days, when nothing goes right from the start? I've had one of those, right from me waking up at 2 minutes to 9 *insert squeal here* to the annoying customer - I really do try to be understanding, but sometimes it's just beyond me, so to cheer myself up I went off and found on YouTube (after 5pm of course IT Boys), Monty Pythons Bookshop sketch just to give you a little taste, gentle read what it's like to work in a public library populated by what we so lovingly call 'the great unwashed'.

Now that was fun wasn't it!! Fingers crossed it's a better day all round tomorrow and really - it ought to be specially since I don't start until 1pm. Yay for me I get to sleep in and catch up on all the bad telly that I do so love to watch.

I'm also hoping that this will actually work and YouTube will magically put the little box thingy smack bang in the middle right where I want it. Cross things lovelies and hope for the best :)


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What I've watching in 2009 - January

I've decided to keep a tally of what I've watched/watching/wanting to watch for 2009. Yay!! I'm also a little scared because it's going to show just how much of a couch potato I really am. Shhhh...don't tell anyone!! So let's get the ball rolling with what I've watched so far in January:

1. Lost Boys 2: The Tribe - Hmmm...good but bad, it's gone the way of the gorno, with both the blood and t&a factors amped up. The lead boy is kinda hot, and it has a Sutherland - lesser known of course, but still a Sutherland. That counts for something right?? Overall, it was kinda crap and what was with The Feldman's voice, I just didn't get it, was he trying to sound all commando?? Cause it was coming out more constipated. I'd happily watch it again - as long as I didn't have to pay for it. Plus there was the less then stellar other Corey (Haim) in the alternate ending, who while is still living actually looks dead. Repeat after me - Drugs are BAD mmmkay...

2. Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantánamo Bay - This was actually my favorite movie of the whole weekend. I laughed so hard, which is totally inappropriate, as most of the jokes are at someone else expense. But I still crack up thinking about it so it can't be all bad right. And you gotta love NPH - or as he shall be forever now known: Neil Poon Handler - classic

3. Baby Mama - Hmmm...I don't really like Tina Fey, but I like the blond chick so I watched it. Funny, but there won't be a repeat performance.

4. Anaconda 3: Offspring - Crapper movies have been made I am sure, but this was truly awful. I don't know what I was more afraid of - The giant CGI anaconda or The Hoff's scary new facelift. The acting was atrocious as was everything else. It wasn't even scary. I would rather be dropped into the anaconda orgy pit from the second move while Celine Dion music was playing, than watch this EVER again.

I paused here, 'cause I'd written a list and now I can't find it, which has put me in a pickle cause I can't remember everything...damn you Salazar...

5. Another Gay Movie - This was another corker. A boy from one of our branches wanted to borrow this, but 'cause he isn't of age, he couldn't have it. So in fine fighting form I said get it anyway. Boy am I glad we did...I think...I'm still a little scared. About 30 seconds in from the credits and I was squealing at the wrongness. For the uneducated, this is a rip off of the American Pie series, but with gays and quiche (I knew there was a reason I don't like egg). Probably the thing I disliked about this was the butch lesbian chick, she annoyed the crap outta me. Ruins it fat hobbitses.

6. Into the Wild - I loved this film. From the photography, direction, music and the cast, it was fantastic. Everyone did such a lovely job and I must admit I did have a little cry at the end. I knew what was coming, but Emile Hirsh was brilliant, he kinda blew me away with his performance. Sean Penn suprised me again, I don't often associate him with this kind of brilliance, but he has changed my mind a number of times over the last couple of years.

7. The Spiderwick Chronicles - This was fun, I haven't read the books so I don't know if they are similar/better, but I enjoyed this for the most part. Although the lead boy (who plays twins), was kinda annoying sometimes.

8. Pineapple Express - I laughed so hard! I really like James Franco & Seth Rogan. I didn't think it would be as funny as it was. The whole end bit was hilarious and I loved the Red charcter.

9. Babylon AD - What can I say - wait let's try...Vin Deisel. 'Nuf said really. I liked this movie right up until the last couple of minutes, the end was shit. But the action was pretty good and not too fake. Vin was suitably hot and all cranky with his action. In his topless scene his man boobs looked almost as big as mine!! lol.

10. Transporter 3 - I actually liked this better than the second one. Transporter (for that is how he shall always be referred to), was all grr then he was all hmmm, then he was all rawrh, then he was all ehehehehe, then he was all rargh again. So basically hot for the whole thing, just with different facial expressions. There were a couple of times when I was WTF!! with the action, seriously - flipping your car up on two wheels to drive between two trucks to escape bad guys. Blargh!! But the rest was sweet.

11. The Bad Mother's Handbook - I watched this on YouTube as it's not available in Australia yet. It has Robert Pattinson *sigh* in it, being a total dweeb (which is basically why I wanted to watch it), but I really liked it. It also had the comic stylings of Catherine Tate. While it was a comedy, it also had some serious bits in it -it deals with teen pregnancy & adoption n stuff. But overall it was a funfest. I'd like to watch it right proper so hopefully they will release it here.

12. Wild Child - This was a nice bit of brain candy. It was fun to watch and had me giggling like a little tweenie. It was all a bit silly and just what I needed - some light entertainment. Alex Pettyfer was hot as usual and it even had some mature hot boy - for those who don't like the 4 & 20 - Aidan Quinn. The basic premise is Poppy ( Emma Roberts) is a spoiled rich Malibu teen who has gone too far after playing an over-the-top prank, her dad (Quinn), decides to send her to an English boarding school for girls as punishment. Stereotypical boardingschool hilarity follows.

13. Taken - I'd already seen this last year, but I enjoyed it, so I was happy to watch it again! Liam Neeson - old but hot, stars as the overprotective father of Maggie Grace's character, Kim. She and her friend Amanda are kidnapped after landing in Paris, taken by evil Albanian's intent on selling her virgin ass to the highest bidder, (apparently Amanda was a ho cause she was going to be a street hooker). Dad, to say the least is pissed and vows to find his daughter and kill the evilness that has kidnapped her. I really enjoyed this and Liam spends most of the movie kickin ass and takin names, all while remaining injured, which while is helpful in the movie is a night unrealistic - but I was doing my best to suspender my reality for the duration.

If I can find the list I'll add the others and I don't really feel so bad it's only 13 DVDs so far...hehehe. I've decided to add an updated list at the end of every month.

I was also going to make a similar list for books that's I'd read in 2009. I was planning to read the 52 Books from Penguin Books, but I got bored reading the list of the books I had to read, so I didn't bother with the actual books.

Plus I'm still going with the lists from last year - msut read faster, must read faster. I'm guaranteed to read at least 10 books this year thanks to 'Just a lil' Book Club', plus there will be some tasty reads thanks to my Uni subjects I'm sure (blagh), I'll pull out some of the movies/books and tell you just what I think as well, which really, is only to be expected :)

Just to let you know what I thought, I'll probably put a couple of lines on the stuff I watch too. Enjoy.


Weekly Hotboy.

He's late I know, but it was a public holiday yesterday and I ain't coming in on my day off for no one!! So here is thy hotness, bask in his glory, tremble at his feet and most impotantly enjoy his lushness...I know I am :) He's a lesser known hot boy, which I cannot fathom a reason for, he's a lovely actor. He's been in a couple of more well known films, plus some artsy ones. I loved him in 'A Love Song for Bobby Long'. Check him out on IMDB. Awww, he's pretty ;D


Friday, 23 January 2009

Book Review - Letter to D by Andre Gorz

It has also come to my attention ( not much of it but what can ya do), that I havn't reviewed a book for awhile, so I thought I'd pop a quick one on here.

Letter to D: A Love Story by Andre Gorz.

To be honest, I loved it. I've never read any of his other stuff and to be honest - probably never will, but this was fantastic. The basic premise of the book is that it is an open letter to his wife, Dorine, who is terminally ill. They've spent a lifetime together (60ish years), and he writes about how they fell in love and their time spent together:

'I have to record the story of our love piece by piece to appreciate its full meaning. It's allowed us to become who we are now, living side by side, and only for each other... Lately I've fallen in love with you all over again...'

A year after 'Letter to D' was published, a single sheet of paper pinned to the door for the cleaning lady marked the final chapter in a love affair that remained to the end as intense and passionate as their first encounter, love at first sight, almost 60 years before. In the bedroom lying peacefully side by side were the bodies of author Andre Gorz and his terminally ill wife Dorine. They simply could not have lived without each other. But this book is not about death - it's about life and love, and what a love. (I stole this bit from the jacket - I'm nifty like that :p).

At a little over 130 pages, this was very easy to read. Both because it was short and because it's well written and although it doesn't have a happy ending it's still a beautiful story. I will freely admit I was crying like a baby at the end of this - and to be totally honest - I was a bit teary all the way through it. This I think also had a lot to do with when I was reading it, (while Poppa was sick), and I was often comparing Nanna & Poppa with Dorine & Andre. But I would happily read this again, I might just have to give myself time to recover from the first read :)



It's that time again lovelies - the weekend! Ohhhh...cept o'course if you have to work :)

Moi does not and she is very chuffed 'bout that. I'm starting my long weekend off in fine form, with din din at Vibe tonight, then it's wham bam stitches out tomorrow morning, which should be interesting since I'll have short stack with me and he does like to throw a tanty, then it's off to see the 'Sonatas of Beethoven' on Sunday night, I do like a bit of the Beets and some culture never hurt a lass.

Monday of course is Orstraaylya Day, which I'm sure I'll celebrate in fine skippy form by sitting on my butt drinking alcmahol, all while eating snags with dead horse, some suspect 'rissoles love!' and for pudding - some pav :) Followed by perhaps some J's so I can tune into Hottest 100. It'll be grand I'm sure.

Where ever you are, I hope that you all have a fantastic Australia Day and that you get to spend in fine fashion, with family, friends & burnt BBQ meat!! :D


Thursday, 22 January 2009

Pirate update!

Sloppy is doing well, girly is getting her stitches out on Sat. She's still ladying it around the house, taking over my room and demanding things by standing on my head. She is also a fan of the whiny miaow and whacking me in the face with her cone, lol.

I thought I would share a funny picture (not of Sloppy - but of what Sloppy looks like at the moment when she eats - trust moi, it will all make sense when you see it.) Funny funny.

Poor girl, she'll be much happier on Sat, finally she will taste the blissful freedom of life without a cone. Oh yes, if she had opposable thumbs she would burn it!! Mind you if she did have opposable thumbs, she would have already taken it off. :D


Monday, 19 January 2009

Pirate Update

Well, Sloppy seems to be coping well after her operation. She's had the bad eye for 2 months now, so I think that helps with making the adjustment easier. The vet said the eye was extensively damaged, so the other operation would probably not have worked, which makes me feel a bit better about having her eye chopped out. She gets her stitches out on Saturday, so she should be able to go outside a bit after that. Although she likes the outdoors, I think she had become a rather happy house cat. She's made a little throne for herself at the top of my bed where she miaows commands from. She's not very impressed with the pill taking, although, for now her last one is tonight, which I'm sure she would be well chuffed to hear.


Weekly Hotboy.

Well it's that time again boy time :) I thought in honour of Taylor Lautner keeping his role as Jacob Black in New Moon (yay!!), I would post a little piccie...sweet. Look at his cuter than cute little baby face! I'm looking forward to seeing how he does in New Moon, I really liked NM & loved that Jacob got some more page time, cause I really liked the character. Wish I could see it now!! If only I could travel through time...Enjoy :)


Monday, 12 January 2009

Avast ye land's one eyed Sloppy!!!!

Poor Sloppy has to have her eye removed on Wednesday, she's had a ulcer on the center of her eye since late November and medication and a previous operation have done nothing to fix the problem. Fingers crossed all goes well, she's been very patient, escaping only twice and having to wear a cone constantly. She's taken to spending her days languishing on my bed - which I'm sure will continue after Wednesday, she's very good at it.


Weekly Hot Boy.

Well I thought it was only fitting to have Jeff Buckley as my weekley hot boy. Not only was he very hot, there's talent as well!! It's just all very sad that he's no longer alive, cause there's no doubt that with his music genius, we would have been blessed with lots of fantastic music. So here's some pensive Jeff for your viewing pleasure.


Monday, 5 January 2009

Some motivation for the masses...

I got some very funny motivational posters sent to me today thought I'd share some!! Cause seriously...what's more important than porn!!


Weekly Hotboy(s).

Well I couldna resist starting off the new year with two of my very favourite Hot Boys!! And since they usually come as a package deal, I thought why not put them on here together...without further delay, for your vewing pleasure, here are the lucious boys from Supernatural. Jensen Ackles and Jared arn't they pretty :) Now if they could hurry up and bring it back everything would be okay. I'm getting desperate and I'm going to have to resort to watching my dvd's again, oh it's a hard life. But as they say someone had to do it.


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