Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween Part II

Okay, I was just checking a couple of things on my email before I left and I saw my daily Garfield and seriously, how cute!! Couldn't resist adding this to mah blog. Hells yeah :)


Happy Halloween

I thought I'd quickly post something since I've finally finished all my uni stuff for the semester, 'cept now I've gone and done it!! I've signed up for a summer class as well as my usual subjects for next year, I'm figure that way, I'll only have my 2 electives, professional placements & my non library majors to do. Yay!! Still think I'm a dickhead for doing it tho...but hey, I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed, lol.

Not much has been happenin' lately, I've just experienced tonsilitis in all it's glass swallowing, throat shredding, OMG I'm going to DIE glory!! (Yes, I can be like a man when I'm sick). Definately don't want to do that again, it wasn't any fun at all :( Even better it came just when I was doing my final essays for uni, let me tell ya, delerium doesn't really help when you're trying to write an essay.

Anyway, this weekend, I've looking after Rustyn, taking him to the Farmers Market & swimming so it should be fun, I don't have a picture of my poppie on here yet, so here's Rustyn Dean, the apple of my eye :) Very cute!! He's learnt throw a ball now, so that's also what I'll be doing.

If I'm lucky, I might get to watch the end of the 2nd season of Big Love, which I'm finding soooo funny. I'm enjoying this season even more, hopefully the next season won't take too long to get here. For those who don't know what Big Love is, here's a quick run down:

Big Love centres around a polygamist Bill Paxton (Bill), and his relationship with the three wives, played by Jeanne Tripplehorn (Barb), Chloe Sevigny (Nikki) and Ginnifer Goodwin (Margie). Each wife has a house, which they live in with their kids, 8 in total, with Bill taking turns to visit them. Along the way there's run ins with the polygamists at the Juniper Creek compound and they all struggle to hide their secret life. I've really enjoyed the show, it's funny and really well written. I think it deals with the polygamy issue well. Obviously the compound is how most people view polygamy, but Bill and his family life in the 'burbs, so their life and situation is a bit different, but I suppose the values are still the same. The two eldest kids are great, both struggle with their life and the beliefs of their parents, not something that they both necessarily believe in I guess. Anyway I likes it. Check out the link to the page on IMDB, that way you can explore it for yourself, yes I'm being lazy, but hey it's Friday, I get to be :p

Anyway, I've prattled on for long enough, it's nearly 9pm and I've still gotta go do my other job, so not looking forward to it, but if I do it tonight, I have the rest of the weekend to myself, just have to keep telling myself that :) and then I have to hunt out my work books for the subject I'm doing over summer, that way I can see just what it is exactly what I've gotten myself into. Hmmm...more likely I'll get home, be too tired and end up either watching crappy tv or starting Breaking Dawn, which I've been oh so good and not started unitl I finished my essays. But what I should do is find work books, find work books, (trying to hypnotise myself or something), So enthused, so ENTHUSED!! You can feel it can't you, yeah baby, I'll give you something to feel...hehehe...yeah, nothing like a little bit of gratuitious half naked hot boy to start the week end off and he is very pretty, I'd even make a half assed attempt to be interested in football if he asked me too. I'm such a sucker for a hot boy...anyway enjoy the hotness, enjoy your weekend, have a Happy Halloween, hope y'all get lots of booty and not crappy dental hygene products, cause seriously, what's that shit all about?


P.S: Let's just for a minute, take time to truly appriciate the hotness...and appreciate...and appreciate...ohh so HOT!! :p

Sunday, 5 October 2008

gerraagh! *Insert scary finger puppet here*

Still dead and still bored, I've found stuff to do, I've done it, now it's back for another very exicting update of bored@your library... ...and there it was - nothings happening. Anyway I thought I'd spicy it up by putting a couple of pics in my post :) YAY!! Hot Boys :p
Well hasn't that brightend things up considerably, I certainly have a smile on my face now. Too bad the opld 'take two hot boys and call me in the morning' isn't working for our computers!! Anyway bout to go have my break, enjoy the piccis, I am :)

Well it's later and nearly closing time and still no WF, at least I'm not working tomorrow so I can rest assured that the huge piles of stuff won't come back to bite me on the ass. Just the kinda desk shift one wants on a quiet Sunday arvo. Mind you I would have much preferred something to do for the last 3 1/2 hours. If only we could get some game consoles for the tweeny area - that would be sweet. It's that time, I need to bust a move and start closing up, enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovelies :)


Grrrrargghhh from library land

Well kiddies, I'm at work today and shit ain't happening! Something bad has happened to our host system in Melbourne so the whole system has crashed, what does that mean for me? It means a no work in a nutshell, all I get to do is check the av and checkout, it's not busy for a Sunday and although it's boring as hell it's a good thing. Sharing that between 5 people doesn't leave a lot to do. Hence my writing this extremely thrilling, fun filled post...oh yeah feel the excitement...I can, it's making me all tingly :) I'm going to find something equally exciting to do, no doubt I'll be writing more if this keeps up...lord, just keep me away from the stapler, last time I was bored, there was a me and my stapler and pain was felt by me and yes and open stapler still staples!!


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pissed is what I am

Myself and a couple of friends were watching UFC 88 last night - excellent I might add the main event between Chuck Liddell and the other dude (technical I know), was fantastic, just when the other guy was starting to annoy me he TKO's Liddell, it was a brilliant hit, smack right on the chin and down he went. On the whole all the fights were good, although I'm thinking after 88 and 87 I need to rethink my picking strategy. At the moment I go for the guy that's the hottest (bad yes, you can spank me later :), but most of the time it works!), or for the guy I like, anyway lately the hotties have been letting me down...sigh, but I can't seem to say no to them.

But I digress, what's pissing me off you may ask? Hell even if ya didn't I'm still telling ya!!

After UFC we were channel surfing and we ended up watching Hot Docs: Four Wives, One Man on SBS, set in Iran (I think), about this guy and his 4 wives. It makes me so angry, Hels and I were both yelling at the TV, this guy has to be the worst kind of husband, beating them, abusing them, kicking them out of the house and they all take it. I know it's a different culture, but I just don't get it. How can you let someone do that to you? I suppose most of girls raised, especially in Western countries, tend to think that they're not second class citizens. The polygomy thing doesn't bother me, each to their own I say - I can see the benefits of having more than 1 husband...hehehe...happy place...but seriously AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH...I'm that cranky I can't write shit!!!! They know he's an ass, but they won't leave him, the 4th wife said if he got a new wife she would poison her husband and the new wife and kill herself. She said she'd thought of dousing herself in petrol and setting herself alight, it's just sad. It ended with him bringing a new wife home and 4th wife just handing over the keys all defeated, you didn't find out if she did do anything, but my guess is she would have been like the first 3 and done NOTHING. I wonder how long it'll take #5 to realise what a dick her husband is. Then to top it off, the 4th wife is arranging for her 2-3 year old daughter to be married, seriously it's just crazy and it scares me that there are people like this in the world. What kind of mother forces her baby to kiss another child, it's just fucked up is what it is.

Okay I need to stop writing about this because I'm getting madder and madder and I'll end up beating something up. Sorry the majority of this post is a downer, but I just needed to rant.


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