Friday, 29 May 2009

Flights a go-go

Paid the final instalment on our flights today, just that little bit closer now :D We've been very lucky, with a fairly direct flight. We went with Emerits and we leave from Adelaide, quick stop at Melbourne, then to Dubai (sadly only for 2 hours, not enough time to go outside and see stuff), then onto Milan. Then coming back we leave from Heathrow and do the same in reverse. We also extended the time we're staying in Milan, as we arrive a few days earlier than orignally planned, we're staying in the Hotel Capitol. It is a 4* gorgeous hotel, and in fine upmarket backpacking (we decided we're too old for 'real' backpacking), they have a breakfast buffet, pillow menu, and marble jacuzi - which I do believe I will take advantage of.

Depending on jet lag /time we might try and daytrip to Venice, we were going to go the following weekend, after the confrence, but the Regatta festival is on, so it will be busy busy there. So hopefully if we go the weekend before it won't be as hectic. It's not too far by train to Venice, 200 or so kms, fingers crossed it all works out. We've also been looking at a hostel in Paris which looks quite cute and is fairly close to the centre of Paris, sadly our dream of staying in the same hotel as Carrie in SATC is a bust, at around 7000 Euro a night, it's all a little too expensive, even if we share a room. Maybe next time. Maybe we can have coffee and pastries at the hotel if they have a restaurant there.

There are so many places that I want to visit, feel free to let me know of places I should visit. I'm always open to suggestions :) I wish I was going for more than 6 weeks, but I have to come back to work of all things, like, how rude! I've got things to see. Somehow I don't think that work would think that's a valid reason for not coming back.

Until next time, sweet dreams, hopefully of the lovely holiday variety, with hot boy baristas, beautiful scenery and not of the evil Slovenian hostel variety *shudder*


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Look out Milan here we come!!

Today Ash & I booked our accomodation for Milan. Yay!! Finally seems real that in 56 days we will be at the start of our holiday. Holy crap, just freaked out a little, beyond that we haven't done anything else. But like anything else that we plan - last minute she goes, it's all good. Finally feels real and I'm all cited and I can't wait. I'm looking forward to visiting all the different places. I've just scared the shit out of myself, it's not 56 days its, 84. Still not very far away, but mama's got a little leyway now. Here's the website for the confrence we're going to, should be good, with lots of library goings on


Monday, 25 May 2009

It's Library Week!

It's that time of year again. Library Week. When y'all get to come in and discover all the shizz we have here. This week we are inviting all our users to come and try the literacy PCs. They're a great way to practice your literacy and numeracy skills, all which are cleverly disguised as games!! My fave game is the Nessy program, but Word Shark is fun (Numbers Shark would be too if I didn't suck ass at Maths!).

We've got a few display's up to do with our Book Clubs - if only I could find my handcuffs, then my 6 Seconds display would be complete! We also have National Simultaneous Storytime, this year the book is Pete the Sheep by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley. It's a great book, here's a little blurb:

Shaun is a shearer and instead of a sheepdog to help him, he's got a sheep sheep - Pete. After being rejected by the other shearers and their dogs, Shaun and Pete set up a sheep salon in town. Sheep from everywhere arrive to have their wool shorn in the latest style and even the shearers' dogs end up arriving for a cut in order to look gorgeous.

I think that's bout it, check out our website for more info on times for stuff that's happening. I'm heading off for the evening, enjoy yourselves kidlets :)


Thursday, 21 May 2009

It's like a cloud for your mouth...

I've pimped my blog, adding a picture to the title thingy, sexy ja? Of course if you go into any library this is how we're all really...would I lie to you. Never. I'm going to Adelaide this weekend which should be lovely and as luck would have it skivving off work early too. Ah the joys of council work. (Contrary to popular belief all of us don't really lean on shovels all day...some of us are lucky enough to have chairs!!

Listening to Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel As School Children at the moment, I'm quite liking it. It's sort of hip hop, rock, R&B and funk. I love their version of Good Vibrations, which is on the One Tree Hill Soundtrack, Vol. 3. It's very easy to listen to, plus they have funny talky bits which is always amusing. I've just discovered that Track 14. Cupid's Chokehold is another some I've heard before and love - just not knowing what I was listening too. I love it when that happens. I've also been listening to Lupe Fiasco's The Cool, which is hip hop, funk and also very (rather appropriately) cool, his song I Gotcha, which I loves is also on the OTH soundtrack.

Well, I'm done for the night at work, so I'm going to finish this post off and try and find my other list of stuff to add, wish me luck, my desk, as usual, looks like a bombs hit it. Organised chaos baby, organised chaos, I know where everything is. Well, almost everything.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

It's Lady Wood station here tonight!!

The official movie poster for New Moon came out today and I wanna see it now!! The boys are looking all hot and angsty. Kristen's all I gots me hot boys and you ain't got shit. Have a look's well tasty.
Hello Salty Goodness :) I know what I'll be giving thanks for this November.

And congratulations and hi to Vicki for being my first follower, you're ace!! Not much else been happenin, work, work and more work and some uni, which I must finish stat. I gotta go gang busters on the whole studying jizz. Also have to add new books I've read. Not sure how, but I've managed to read quite a bit so far this year, maybe it's cause I'm actually recording titles, who knows. My place is not to know it's to ponder. Or something silly like that :)

Ohhh, talking bout emoctions...I learnt how to throw a punch with verticons...

(9o'_'o)=@ Hiyaa!! I just threw a punch baby! Look out Chuck Norris...Boutros coming for ya!!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

'Scuse me but I think you stepped in wookie...

Okay, I know Mildura's not the fashion capital of the world and that trends take a couple of months to reach us and when they do they stick round longer than is proper, but surely we are beyond wearing the furry ugg boots. Wait, let me rephrase that - surely we're beyond wearing ugg boots of any kind in public.


So what's with all the damn ugg boots? Today, my eyes were even more assaulted than usual - ugg boots with fur trim *ack* the fur of course is to make sure she keeps warm on account of half her ass hanging out the top of her jeans, which led to a very scary muffin top issue. Lady (I use the term loosely, here's a tip - if yo fat, too tight hipster jeans are a mistake in any circumstance.

Plus Monday at work there was a guy wearing a fur trimmed, hooded cardigan. I kid you not. I was all WTF! That shits just naff. Not. Cool. In. Any. Circumstance. EVER. Forever, forever, ever, forever ever?...yes Outkast Forevah!!


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Movies I've watched in 2009 - April

Since I'm doing this late I'm trying to remember everything I've seen, so I'll start small and go from there, as they say from little things big things come...or that could just be my arse!

29. Race to Witch Mountain - This was actually lots of fun and I really enjoyed it, which I've already said in another post so I won't repeat it all again - just go see it.

30. Monsters Vs Aliens - FUNNY!! This was fantastic, possibly one of my fave films this year. My fave characters were Seth Rogan's blobby thing and the Insectasaur and Rainn Wilson was hilarious as the evil alien. One of my fave scenes was the Pres. serenading the aliens with the theme tune to Beverly Hills Cop. Pretty much any scene with the General was a hoot as well, I thought he was channeling R. Lee Erny from Full Metal Jacket and Robert Downey Jnr. from Tropic Thunder. I seriously had trouble breathing through the whole of this movie. I'm so glad I saw this at the cinema, I think it would have lost a little if I'd seen it at home. I would totally go see this again fer shizz.

31. Fast and Furious - This was ahem a work of staggering genuis...or not. Don't get me wrong - I loved it, it was crap and I'm okay with that and while I never shun my duty to watch a hot boy this was kinda wooden from all accounts. Michelle seems to have one kind of character she plays, Vin was surly as usual and poor Paul couldn't get a brah in anywhere. I came to the understanding that there was no brahing, on account of them no longer being friends, but come on - right at the end when they were all besties again there was room for one little brah surely...sigh. I will totally admit I loved the opening sequence, suspending all reality, it was brilliant and the drive through the caves was nifty. I don't really know where they can go from here, in terms of the current cast, obviously Vin can't head back to the States, I guess they can take up where Tokyo Drift left off. But one may ask the question, do we really need another FF sequel? Well ok, why not, who doesn't love a hot boy or two driving fast and beating the crap outta each other and lovingly calling each other brah...Dominic and Brian can do a reverse Thelma and Louise and have a bromance that transcends time.

32. Wolverine - Okay I've also done a review of this so I'll keep this one short too. I really enjoyed this, good to be able to see what happened to Logan before X-Men. Hopefully it does well enough that we get some more Origin movies.

I know there were more movies, I just gots to remember them, so until then my pretties, enjoy these lovely reviews and wait ever so patiently and ye shall be rewarded :) Yay bananas!!

Shitballs! I remembered more - how could I forget...

33. 17 Again - I went to this for one reason and one reason only - to perve at the hot boy. Now don't be all mean with the laughing, he's hot and I'm sure that boy could bounce a coin off his butt. I found the actual movie a little disturbing, the movie went to an oh so wrong place when his daughter started mackin on him, complete with sexy talk, growling and biting *gag* The fake dad (Matt Perry's high school friend), is kinda funny. Basically he's mega rich, sounds like he's never been laid and dresses like Clay Aitken. But never fear, he finds time to have some sexy time complete with elf ears. This is by no means an original story and it won't be winning any awards...ok, maybe a few razzies. But it was funny, not pay to see it again fun, but fun no less. Sides did I mention the hot boy?


Watchmen Review

I'm taking advantage of the work laptop to catch up on all the posts I've been meaning to add. So here's the first of like fiddy beelion. Now you has to pretend it's like the day after it was released at the cinema, otherwise you'll be a like WTF?!

After many months I finally saw Watchmen after donkeys and despite a number of shite reviews bout it buzzing in mah head - I liked it. By no means a masterpiece, but still good. There was some great action scenes and one song I liked the soundtrack, (we'll get back to the sexy times sone in a minute).

Again hot boy Denny/Mr. Winchester, Weeds dude kicks it...sigh. It's like he's JCVD wife - fated to die!! Poor thing, I dont' know what's worse, dying all the time or being compared with JCVD movie wives - TANGENT - pologies.

What I didn't like was the kinda long intro. I understand why they have long intros, cover backstory etc, but by the end I was over it and just wanted it to start. I wasn't a fan of the editing either, kinda all over the place which was annoying.

Okay, now the sexy times scene for Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan - more than a little freaky, I was all dude with the hands, oh dude extra person! It was all a little Michael Keaton for me. The there was the one between Niteowl and SS. I just started laughing and they butchered Halellujah, completely wrong song for the scene, even when it was Jeff Buckley singing. bucket party of one.

Roaschack (scusi the spelling), his 'what ink blot is that?' Pretty butterfly bit made me laugh. His scenes were my fave. For me he was the best character and really captured what I think Alan Moore was trying to put across with the graphic novel - I'm hoping I got the dude's name right :)

Overall, I liked it, more than Underworld 3. I need to read the graphic novel and do a little comparison, fingers crossed it's in clolour - I'm all it's black and white 'I ain't reading that!'. I thought I'd put a link to a different review of Watchmen on here (later of course), different view from mine, but a great review.

Either way, go and see it for yourself, or now if you reading this, wait ever so patiently for it to arrive on DVD :)


Weekly Hot Boy

It's been awhile since I've added a new weekly hot boy, which kinda defeats the purpose of a 'weekly' hot boy I know - but anywho there's hot boys now so it's all good in the hood. Since I'm lovin' One Tree Hill at the moment I'm taking my queue from the boys on the show. So without further are the hotties of OTH!! Huzzah!! (Okay, it's not all of them, but my brain was hurting on accounta all the searching I was doing).

Starting with the VERY sexy and talented Tyler Hilton (he plays Chris Keller). He's not in it that much, but he makes with the funnies when he's on it and me likes his singing.

It's Lee Norris (Mouth), apparently he's handy with a BBQ, which is always a most coveted talent. He plays one of my fave characters on the show. Last seen after been attacked in cougar town, poor baby, I'd so kiss it better.

Why hello James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), haven't seen you in anything else, but I won't hold it against you...specially since you so pretty.

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), goodness he's lovely even though he's leaving OTH, meanie that he is. Fingers crossed he decides to make some movies and quick smart.

Bryan Greenberg (Jake Jagielski), sigh...why did you leave Jake - WHY!!!! I wish he would come back and sweep Peyton off her feet - preferably without his top (trust me it'll would help).

Antwon Tanner (Skillz), another of my fave characters, not only is he damn hot, he's funny! I loved his relationship with Bevin and I was laughing so hard at his trash talk the first time he played for the Ravens. Not sure I like him with Deb tho, kinda grossing me out.

Well here endeth the hottness of One Tree Hill, bask in the lushness for it is great.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Smidge by Beth Shoshan

I was planning to do a review of some other books I've been reading, but I was putting books away and found Smidge. Very cute, great illustrations (by Jenny Arthur), I couldn't resist. Basically Smidge, likes to eat lollies and lots of them! He goes through the book eating different kinds of lollies, changing his appearance according to what he's just eaten, until he has one lolly too many and then he's driving the technicolour bus - but I think Smidge can boast to being the only creature who still looks cute while doing it.

It's just a whole lot of fun, great colours and use of photography (lollies are from photos, not drawings). As a bonus, if you get the right edition, it comes on the waterproof, tear resistant, child irresistable plasticky paper stuff. Right on!

Enjoy...everyone could use a little Smidge in their lives :)

Friday, 1 May 2009

Wolverine Review.

I had a lovely evening out last night some ribs (I'm vaccinating myself the fun way - with lots of porky goodness - it's Cathy logic, just run with it :), then we went and saw Wolverine. Basically I loved it. Here's a review of what I thought - Please note there be spoilers.

I thought the opening sequence was fantastic. It sets a lot of back ground between Logan and Victor and how their relationship started to change. You get to see Logan (although he's Jimmy at this point - slightly confusing yes), discovering he's not quite human. It was put together really well, I liked the idea of it flowing through the wars, until you're introduced to the orginal line up of Logan, Victor, Wade, Zero, Wraith, Bolt and Dukes and their leader, Stryker.

After Logan leaves the group he moves to Canada, shacks with a teacher (Kayla) and becomes a lumberjack (q the song - you know you want too). Of course, happiness can't last and his lady friend is killed by Victor. In his anger Logan allows Stryker to inject him with the Adamantium and so Wolverine is born and yes ladies, this is where Hugh gets nude and we are given a nice view of his manly hotness.

On the hunt for Victor and the mysterious 'Island' we get to see Wraith and Dukes for the first time in 6 years. Dukes is considerably larger and this section of the movie seems to have been filmed by the Farrelly Bros. The boxing scene is probably one of the funniest I've seen since the midget nut punching fight in Bad Santa. Althought Wraith isn't in the movie much , I really like Will. I. Am performance.

The CGI was pretty good, there were only a couple of times when it was really noticable - where Wolverine has his helicopter fight with Zero and where the kids are running towards Prof. X at the end. I thought it was kinda funny having all the skippys in the film, I was waiting for the rest of the cast of McLeods daughters to come toddling out.

I was all upset that they ruins it fats hobbit the hot boy (Wade). He still had the hot bod, just a rather scary face. When he was Wade, he kinda reminded me of Hannibal from Blade Trinity and his character is definately played for laughs. Well cept for the end where he's Deadpool and all cranky and looks well pissed at being attacked with a sharpie.

It was nice to see the beginnings of some of the more well known characters Cyclops, Sabretooth and Prof. X - although he's looking plastic surgery scary on account of trying to look younger than in the first X-Men movie. I'm not sure how this fits exactly with the first movie, cause when Wolverine and Sabretooth meet in X-Men, it's like they don't have that history (I know that this is because the first one wasn't made it a prequel in mind but I'm just saying).

It would have been good if more time had been used to explore the other mutants abilities/backstories. I understand why it wasn't - the movie's call Wolverine not Mutants. But some of the characters were there as plot devices and not much else. Bolt is really only there to show us how bad Victor has gotten - killing his own kind. I'm guessing that if Wolverine goes well there may be other origin movies or perhaps other X-Men movies. A Sabretooth one would be good, seeing the flip side of Wolverine. But I don't know which other characters could carry a movie on their own. I was cranky that the old couple kicked it, they were cool and it would have been nice to see Logan going back and Clark Kenting it.

Overall, the film was great, I enjoyed the performances. I thought Danny Huston (Stryker), was fantastic. Liev Schreiber as Victor was perfectly menacing and I would love to see him in the X-Men world again. I know this has had mixed reviews. I didn't realise X-Men 3 was so disliked. Where was I when that was going down? I guess, when you think about it, I an very easily swayed by hot boys in lycra. It wasn't my fave one of the series, but it was all good where I stood. But has anyone else noticed Hugh's fancy for playing wolfy characters? There's the four X-Men movies and Van Helsing (although it's only for a blink and you miss it). He also loves the scene where he gets to howl over dead love interest. DAMN...Hugh's sexy time with the ladies seems to be following JCVD lead. Soon there won't be nary a lady left alive. At least Hugh's more convincing with his emotional acting and I'm pretty sure he could kick JCVD ass.

I haven't read any of the graphic novels so I'm not sure how the movie lives up to this (badly I guess, if you go by some of the complaints). One of the complaints was with Kayla and why she betrayed Logan. My take on that is that Stryker would never let Kayla get close enough to touch him to just influence him into letting her sister go. If it was me I'd be gun in hand whenever she was in the room. In the end, Stryker's not thinking straight , so she's able to influence him then.

Either way I liked Wolverine and no doubt I'll go see it again. Here's another look at Hugh, although he kinda looks more GQ than Wolverine with his swagger. Noice. Break me off a piece of that white chocolate.

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