Friday, 27 March 2009

Weekly Hotboy among other things!!

Scuse me, I haven't posted for a week, so now I'm doing it all in one go! I was trying to decide who to have as my weekly hotboy when I stumbled upon some funny, so here it all is :) Guaranteed to make ya giggle.

Cause seriously - who doesn't love Chuck Norris!! Even if you didn't you still say you did - look at him he'd bust you a new asshole!
Fabio, oh Fabio, where for art thou Fabio, beef cake at it's best and perhaps what he should stick to. Less writing more pictures.
Can you imagine my joy when I was told that they are considering a McGuyver movie - I would be so there, I friggin loved that show. Now you can laugh at me all you want, but here is my weekly hotboy, I found him in the funny bits and I really love the photo - plus I'll happily stand up and tell y'all I'm a HSM junkie, it's so crap it's good. So enjoy the eye candy and the funnies :)
and stop laughing at my boy crush!! :P


Thursday, 19 March 2009


I thought it was about time I did my review of the movie. Personally - I loved it. It's cheesy, has some suspect CGI and made me cringe a couple of times, but the mix of beautiful people, surrounds and music along with a kick ass story and it thumbs up baby.

The gorgeous landscape & brilliant cinematography (I now want to move to Portland, Oregon!! But shh...don't tell my cuj, she wants me to move to Stirling) was fantastic. The wide shots of the mountains and foggy bits really set the mood. It was truly beautiful and almost a character of it's own.

The music - I think the soundtrack is great, there's isn't a song that I don't like - I just wish that the song that's playing as the credits roll (Radionhead), was on the soundtrack too. Some standouts are The Black Ghosts - Full Moon, Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire, Paramore - Decode Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth and how could I not mention Robert Pattinson, he has two songs on the soundtrack Never Think and Let Me Sign (only available on the iTunes release). I also bought the score by Carter Burwell who created Bella's Lullaby - genius!! I really love the score, it has some beautiful pieces.

Now onto the hot boys!! Just what everyone was waiting for. Let's start with Rob, I'd never seen him in anything else and I have now happily jumped on the RPattz bandwagon, I'm in lust baby - LUST!! I recently watched 'The Bad Mother's Handbook', which was hilarious and quite different from Edward, but I think he's great. When I first saw pictures, I had huge doubts he didn't really look like the Edward I'd pictured, but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't really have access to much else (I'm so not watching harry fucker and that's final). But I like his performance. I love the little smile he has as Jessica is explaining who they all are in the the cafeteria.

I thought Kellan Lutz nailed Emmett, the baseball & kitchen scenes cemented it for me, he was great and these are two of my favorite scene in the movie. Jackson Rathbone was great as Jasper, I like his constant pained look, makes me laugh. Peter Facinelli as Carlise made me go hmmm, the first time I saw him, but I think he was a good choice. Cam Giganet as James was suitable menacing and Billy Burke as Charlie was FUNNY! I really loved his character, he bought some lightness and mirth to the film. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, he's hot, but he'skind of a non event in this movie, I'm so glad they kept him for NM and I'm really looking forward to seeing him being able to expand in this role (literally & figuratively).

As for Kristen Stewart as Bella, overall, I liked her, a couple of points I was all blah (where she wigs out at the hospital - just a little weird), but I thought she did a great job. I loved her in Into The Wild. I'm looking forward to her in NM & hopefully she gets to do all the cool stuff with Jacob she does in the book. I thought Ashley Greene as Alice was great, she really brought the character to life. Nikki Reed as Rosalie was matched in some ways, she played nasty well, but (and I mean no disrespect), she isn't the most beautiful lady in the world. I so love her shoes tho - me wannie!! Elizabeth Reaser as Esme was a non event really, kinda like Jacob, what I saw I liked, hopefully there's more to come.

I haven't really done all the characters, but since this could possible go down as one of the longest posts in blogging history (well mine anyway), I'm not going to mention them all :)

Now what was wrong with it - let's start with the sparkly bits, I just didn't like it. Somehow it looked too fake, don't ask me how to fix it but hopefully they do for the rest of the films. Make up is also something they need to play with, some of the lipstick on the boy vamps was too dark, it looked weird, but then I supposed most lipstick would look like too much on pasty white faces.

I was also disappointed with the Cullen house. In the books it reads like it a huge victorian mansion, respendant with old world charm & antique furniture, the house in the movie, while beautiful and open is far too modern and archetectual (I think I just made that word up). Which also brings me to Edward's room - it's all wrong. Again, I had a much bigger, masculine and darker room in mind. I love the openess of the room, but I don't know how well it will translate when they get to certain scenes in Eclipse.

Now that we're in Edwards room - WTF is with 'spidermonkey'? I actually squealed and asked that very question the first time I saw this at the cinema. It's not in the book and I can't remember where I read it but apparently Hardwick gave Rob a number of lines and that's the one he chose. Ack, I still feel dirty...the other wierd moment was the first time Bella & Edward are in the classroom (or as I've come to know it the 'jizz in my pants scene' - type Edward - jizz in my pants into YouTube and you'll see what I mean, lolz). I understand the scene and why it was filmed that way, but it's still funny, I'm glad that I'd previously cracked and read 'Midnight Sun' (Twilight from Edwards pov), as it explained the whole shudder incident.

I'm hoping the next couple of movies are a little more 'adult', from what I remember, there was a whole lot more kissing and I missed that from the movie, I would have loved to see more smooching - although I thought the kissing scene was good with the whole 'don't move, etc'. I don't know bout you, but if that was me I woulda been all over him like a fat kid with a plate of donuts!!

Overall, I really loved the film, it's not perfect by a long stretch, but I didn't care. I think as a whole it's a lovely movie. It may have helped that I hadn't read Twilight since it first came out in 05. I know a quite a few people were disappointed as it didn't follow the book more. But you can't realistically put everything from the book in the movie, it's not an option. I'm not very impatiently waiting for the dvd release so I can checkout the extras...I want it now!!!! And I'm looking forward to NM, only 9 months or so and it's here!!


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Happy Hump Day!

It's all rather late in the day, (for some of us). I'm posting a quick hola before I pack up & head back to Ouyen, just thought I continue the all things Irish & bring you some great Irish authors.

Maeve Binchy always springs to mind, although sometimes her novels infuriate me - Quentins was the last one of hers that I read and I'm still cranky bout it!

John Connelly, who has written some excelent thrillers, Dark Hollow was my favorite.

Samuel Beckett - I have Westward Ho! to read at the moment, as a follow on from the books I had to read for uni last semster.

James Joyce - I'm still trying to read Ulysses, I was going to go the audio CD route, but that's still 24 odd CD's - does it count that I've seen Nora?? Which is about his relationship with (funnily enough), Nora. Has Ewan McGregor - so who am I to complain, brilliant film btw.

There's also Deidre Purcell, John Banville, George Bernard Shaw, Colm Tiobin (The fantastic 'Blackwater Lightship') & William Butler Yeats.

I'd love to say I've read everyone mentioned, but alas - I'm a slackarse, but one day I'm sure!! Enjoy the rest of your day, I'm bout to pack up the mobile - time to go home - YAY!!


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It's Irish Weekly Hot Boy!!

Te be sure, te be sure - oh hells yes I went there :D

Anyway, since I'm celebrating all things Irish this week, I thought lets have some Irish hotness, here's Johnathan Rhys Myers. Pretty is thy name.

and some Stewart Townsend, oh joy of joys...what I wouldn't give to be Charlize!! And here's Cillian Murphy, fantastic in 28 Days later & The Wind That Shakes The Barley.
mmm...why hello Jason I'm just O'maraing you picture :) *oh so bad I know.
and here's the dishy Colin Farrell. Not seen him in anything for awhile, come back sexy, come back. I seriously just want to throw them all to the ground and roll around on them. The hotness factor is rather high for this post...and that's just how we like it.
Enjoy the rest of your St. Patrick's Day, I'm off to drink Guinness & watch Boondock Saints :)

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Hope your day so far has been tops, it's been fairly quiet on the mobile, not much happening, waiting for the end of the day I's am. Thought I do a quick couple of book reviews, some great junior stuff's been returned today.

The first is 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner. It's lush is what it is, there are no words and the story is told through pictures and the illustrations are beautiful. Wiesner has done a fantastic job with the colours and there is such imagination in each of the underwater scenes. I love the idea of picture books with no words, it allows you to really aim the story to a particular age group, plus you have the fun of making up different stories & it also gives the younglings a chance to flex their creativity. Dude - everyones happy! I love the way the pictures unfold the story - basic story is that a boy finds an underwater camera washed up on the beach - they just make the story come alive. Flotsam won The Caldecott Medal in 2006.

The other book was 'Mama's Favorite' by Brigitte Sidjanski & Sarah E. Burg. This book explores living in a big family and "opens the door for discussion on sibling rivalry & jelousy". It's told through mouse characters and some really gorgeous illustration, the colours are quite muted & look like they're done with pastels - which in no way detracts from the illustrations. It's an easy story to read, with only a few lines on each page. Sidjanski founded North-South Books with her husband and quite a lot of their books deal with 'issues' and they are always so beautifully illustrated and presented.
I love junior picture books in general - they (most of the time), have fantastic illustrations, lush colour and some tell the story in the funniest ways. A very funny series of books that I love are the 'Pigeon' books - 'Don't let the pigeon drive the bus', 'Don't let the pigeon stay up late'. Hilarious!! Check them out.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Some music for the muses.

I gots to thinkin' I might have myself a little St. Paddy's Irish music fest on mah blog, so here is some Irish bands/music that I like to listen to. Enjoy :) Okay, I couldn't get YouTube to embed on the mobile, so giving it a go at the main library *fingers crossed*

The very brilliant Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies

and The Pogues - Love you til the End

and The Cranberries - How

Hopefully these all work and that I can put more on during the week, cause my big plan was to put new music on each day in my own little Irish music festival - not sure how it will work out, but one can only try!!


On the road again...with some Weekly Hot Boy no less!!

It's that time again - when I have to spend the week on the mobile library. Which I don't mind, cause it's nice to get out and about, see some of the country & have a chat with different patrons, plus I get to catch up on stuff. But on the other hand, it's a week away from home and I miss my peeps. Plus tomorrow is St. Paddy's day (and Mum's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!), and I did have big plans to celebrate the day, which now have been scaled down to me drinking some Guinness & watching Boondock Saints in my motel room - classy!! - not that there's anything to complain about there :) Now since I was awfully neglectful last week & there was not weekly hotboy, I'm bout to do my darnedess to find a picture of the Boondock boys.Why hello salty goodness, I do like these boy & wish that they would make the sequel that's been talked about for oh so long. Why do the hot boys tease me so??? If it ever gets made, finger's crossed it's as good as the first, I'd hate to see the stuff it up. Apparently it began production in Nov '08, but who know's how long it will take, specially since it's been 10 years since the orginal.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

On a happier note, it's Weekly Hotboy.

I just remembered I'm about to go see Watchmen. I've heard some bad and good and I don't care, I just wanna see it, expect, (if I get my arse into gear), a review tomorrow. Since I haven't put up my weekly hotboy yet here's Patrick Wilson, he plays Nite Owl.

Enjoy the rest of your evenin'


It's a circus out there...I just won't be returning to this one...

Okay, against my better judgement I've decided to listen to Britney Spears' new album Circus. So far I'd only heard two of the songs - Womanizer & Circus. Which I'll admit are catchy, boppy tunes. So far I'm a bit meh, it all sounds the same and in Shattered Glass she says glass weird and it annoys me.

I quickly getting bored of the CD, not a promising sign when I'm not even half way through. It just gets worse - from the dull and droning Unusual You to the co-written MMM Papi - ugh. Monotonous, boring and there were a couple of songs that I just vagued out it's that uninspiring.

Okay, I'm back from my desk shift I have four tracks left!! It's just bad, I don't like it. Oh God, kill me now, (okay - I'm being dramatic, but desperate measures n all). I'm now listening to My Baby, which is also co-written by Britney and it's - well words kinda escape me, beyond what I've said, I think my brain is officially leaking out of my ears. One song to go - apparently it's a bonus. NO IT'S NOT!!!! I just want it to end.

Well from the above, I think it's pretty plain that the CD (imo) is shite and I would be happy to never have to listen to it again. The first two tracks, which are the ones that I'd heard before were the only ones that I didn't mind listening to. That said, I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to them. It just means that if there was nothing else on the radio and I didn't have a CD I would put up with them.


Okay, I'm just adding this little bit, on account of me not noticing it when I orginally listening to the CD. I was at the gym the other morning and 'if you seek amy' was playing and it dawned on me what she was really saying - yes people, I am a little slow. Just in case it hasn't got all logical for you or you haven't heard the song, Britney sings sommat like 'all the girls and boys want, iF yoU (C)seeK me'. Classy I know and just for your info Brintney - no I don't want to shag you, ack YOU MAKE ME WANNA HURL!!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hit counter has hit 100!!!!

Well for the 2nd time at least, I'm all cited and just thought I would post about it - I'm silly yes, but that's why ya love me :)


What I've watched in 2009 - February

Just thought I'd jump on for a quick post, it's late and I still have lots of work to do. I've got fingers crossed that Watchmen will start here tomorrow - technically it's been advertised at the cinema so is should be here. Anyway I thought I'd update my movie viewing, which sadly there was not a lot of. I'll start with a little JCVD. lol.

14. In Hell - OMG! Where do I start, I spent the majority of this movie having a right chuckle. The action montage that was bound to happen was a hoot and my favorite bit was where the huge dude that spends the majority of the film locked up in solitary realises who JCVD is and they bang the wall in a show of solidarity and solitary confinement brotherhood. LOVES IT!! We followed up with

15. Wake of Death - This one also produce much hilarity, but was on the crapper side of the scale. But it did give JCVD the oppertunity to flex his muscles in a touching scene with his dead wife. Which brings me to the next question - why do the majority of his spouses end up dead?? Poor ladies, so he won't find anyone to play his missus.

16. Babylon A.D. - Again, I know, but I'm doing the whole acurately recording what I watch plus hello!! Vin Diesel. There were bits missing from this version I saw, not anything important but I was all did I fall asleep and miss...but I didn't, they were just trying to trick me while I was basking in the glory of Vin. Which then put me in the mood to watch...

17. A Man Apart - Which is a pretty good film, I like the actiony bits and it's nice to see Vin doing a little hot shoe shuffle...what I wouldn't give...I don't need both kidneys right??

18. Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans - Words fail me a how bad this actually was. I had read a review saying that this was the best of the 3 movies, but Bill Nighy's overacting ruined it for me. I couldn't take him or his character seriously. I didn't mind the two leads, Lucian and Sonja & some of the fight scenes were quite good, although some were a bit fast which made it hard to see. I totally didn't get why the opening credits from the first film were placed at the end. It had no bearing on the rest of the film, just weird. Overall, I did like how if fleshed out the lycan/death dealers histories - but it could have been so much better.

Okay, I think there may be one or two more, but I'll catch up with that later. Enjoy what's left of your night/day :)


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