About Me

I love books, I always have, I work in a library, so I'm happily surrounded by what I love all the time.  I'll read pretty much anything, but the genre I read the most is Romance - Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, Suspense, and recently, Regency.  I also enjoy Horror, Crime and Thrillers.

This blog started out as a bit of everything, but as it's progressed it's become more about book and movie reviews, so while I still post about anything that takes my fancy, reviews are what I'll post most about.  Feel free to comment at will, I'd love the company and it's always fun to find someone who loves talking about books as much as I do.

Recently there's been a few changes to the layout, a new colour scheme - I even discovered the pages function, which I'm using with happy abandon.  I'm also thinking about a name change, something to reflect what I post about now, rather than what this blog started out as.  So stay tuned, more exciting changes are ahead ----> It's official, I'm no longer 'How's my blog now Hans Brix', but 'Bookish Delights'.

Feel free to contact me, either through the blog or on my Twitter.  I'm also active on Good Reads and LibraryThing.


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