Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I'm back! Although, technically I was never gone!?

You ever get that "oh crap, why do they let me out of the house feelin'?", I has that now, apparently I was the only one who was having the problem viewing my blog as it should be, so after clearing my cookies all is well.

But seriously - I get paid to work with computers - how did I not figure that out on my own???  Any way, it's back, so I'm happy.  It's been a crazy busy few week, what with work, Vinnie's and uni (I've got an assignment due Monday - procrastination anyone :D ), trying to organise things for Christmas and the biggest thing - trying to find a new house.  I'm moving, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, so it'll be bye bye family and hello Me, Myself and Sam!

The rest of the household is off to live out in the boonies in their new , already set up, Dan can now have horses house, which she is very excited about.  I think Holly & Rustyn are as well, there will be lots of animals to play with, so the kids are very excited.  I'm looking forward to living on my own, which at 32 years of age - I've never done!  It'll be a new adventure, I just wish I'd been good and saved my pennies so I could just buy a house now rather then renting.  But hindsight is a wonderful thing and it definitely won't help me none at this point in time.

So this Christmas I'll be moving a lot of crap, and by a lot I mean how in the hell can one person have so much stuff?  I swear, I'm one box away from an episode of Horders.  It's scary.  Crazy scary, I was sitting on my bed last night and got avalanched by boxes. 

Once I'm done moving (and after my school work of course), I'll be reading some Maya Banks I've been saving  and the latest Jill Shalvis  - I can't wait.  I also have a heap of DVD's that I've got recently, I'm still on my Tom Hardy bender, add to that mix, a healthy dose of Michael Fassbender, some Transporter and a large dash of period hotboys and my Christmas viewing is going to be toasty warm.  Time to get the magic bullet, limes and the vodka out, mama needs a cocktail!  But before all that where in Hell did I pack it???

So what is everyone else going to be reading/watching over the Christmas & New Years break???


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How do I loath thee...let me count the ways...

Some asshat has decided to piggyback my blog address, since I'm not wonder woman when it comes to all things blog, I haven't been able to change this yet, but I have contacted blogger and hopefully my blog will be up and running as per normal shortly, sorry for the disruption guys.


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