Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Grrrr...Trick o' Treat Fool!

Happy Halloween everyone, I do hope tonight finds you with a swag of lollies, (and no well meaningly gifted toothbrushes!!) and no tricks!!!! Cause no one likes egg on everything. I'm also looking forward to tonights premiere of The Librarians, I do hope it's funny.

Enjoy the rest of your night.


It's a christmas miracle!!!!!!!

It's amazing, it's astounding - it's a miracle my dear Watson, a miracle. BIG thankyou to the wonderful Deweymuncher for fixing my puter so I can post things again!!!!!

I've also discovered that to view my trading card you need to have a membership to Flickr and be logged in, so I decided to to post it on ma blog as well - it could be I've also gone post crazy just because I can:)

I'm getting rather excited by all the stuff that is out there, I've always liked playing on the net, but it's good to know that there is actually sites that I can use for work. It's also great to see all the other blogs out there, hopefully we can all keep up the good work when we finish Learning 2.0.


Tuesday, 30 October 2007

I've just discovered that the link to my trading card only works if you have a Flickr account and are logged into it! So I've added it as a photo onto my blog

Monday, 29 October 2007

Hello blogland it's me Margaret

I finally get time to get back onto my blog and my puter decides to punish me!! For some reason it has deemed me unfit to add anything new to my blog. So I've foiled it's evil plot of chaos by using another staff memebers puter - take that Beryl, you can't stop me!!

I've managed to add some websites that I like to frequent and I've put on as well, so that as you play on my blog you can listen to the dulcet tones of Camille (among others).

I'm hoping to add some more things on in the next few days, I've been exploring bloglines and LibraryThing which are all very exciting! So stay tuned, and hopefully IT will do more that say "It Should Work!?" and my puter will decide to work. (fingers crossed).


Thursday, 18 October 2007

Moby not just a little weird bald guy...

I'm now a registered user of bloglines and I know all bout RSS, that wasn't so bad - it was as quick and painless as ripping off a bandaid...oh mother of...I miss friends...sorry tangent.

Anyway I think I've got the hang of the whole thingy, I'll need to play around a bit more, just like learning anything really! But my Moby cd sure helped, calmed me down when I thinking irrational and homicidal thoughts towards my computer (we have a love/hate relationship).

It's amazing what the power of music and a few Jane Fonda breaths will do for a girl!!


My friend Flickr

Well after much grumbling, fist shaking and swearing (ever so quietly - I'm a library chick afterall) I got my Library trading card sorted, you can check it out here: Hopefully I can put up my holiday pictures soon, there's some great shots from KI.

So now I've mastered (hehehe) Flickr it's onto RSS, which should be interesting. I tried to keep Habit 3 in mind when playing with Flickr - something I'm sure I will have to continue to do with RSS.


Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Flickr this!!

Well isn't it all VERY exciting, I just created a library trading card on Flickr. That was the easy part - now I just have to log into Yahoo which is being less than cooperative!! Baahumbug stupid computer...can't get it to work...D'oh


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Back to reality...sigh...

Well my holidays are over, time to get back to work and catch up on all the learning I've missed. I so wasn't going to attempt using the internet - I'm way to spolit by fast connections to wait!!

And my how patient you've been, waiting for the answer to my last little ditty...the answer is Evaporated milk. Funny I am yes, just ask me.

I've been playing on Flickr today, what a great site. I like the idea of the Tags, makes life much easier when searching. I found some photos from Yarra Plenty Learning 2.0 launch which was great and had a look at photos put on by staff here at Mildura, I will have to get the digital camera out and have a bash myself.

Well it's nearly beer o'clock so I'll sign off and chat again later, happy blogging y'all. (Yes, inside there's a redneck just bustin to get out!!).


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