Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ARRA 2011 Conference

I'm getting quite excited now, it's only about five weeks until I get to visit Sydney for the Australia Romance Readers Association 2011 Conference. Yay! I've been trying to work my way through books from the list of authors that are visiting. if only I didn't have to work - it would be so much easier!

I'm looking forward to the keynote speakers: Anna Campbell, Cindy Gerard and Nalini Singh.

The other authors visiting are: Maggie Anderson, Any Andrews, Keri Arthur, Heather Boyd, Berengaria Brown, Rhian Cahill, Shannon Curtis, Christine Darcas, Jess Dee, Michelle Douglas, AB Gayle, Anne Gracie, Lisa Heidke, Kelly Hunter, Fiona McArthur, Nicole R Murphy, Maggie Nash, Tracey O'Hara, Cathleen Ross, Karen Simpson Nikakis, Helene Young.

The following authors are panel moderaters: Karlene Blakemore-Mowle, Jennifer Brassel, Lexxie Couper, Kate Cuthbert, Erica Hayes, Melanie Milburne, Bronwyn Parry, Paula Roe, Denise Rossetti, Kandy Shepard and Annie West.

(I did have links to all the authors pages, but for some reason Maggie Anderson plotted evil things and took over all the linkage, so here is a link to the ARRA website so you can have a look at each authors website/blog - check them out, there are some great authors attending).

So far I've read:

'Coyote Run', 'Coyote Home' & 'Coyote Wild' all by Rhian Cahill,
'Doing Logan' also by Rhian Cahill,
'Secrets in the Marriage Bed' by Nalini Singh ,
'Innocent Baby, Wife of Shame' by Melanie Milburne (Link to the book is from LibraryThing, as I couldn't find it on Melanie's website).
'His Christmas Angel' Michelle Douglas,
'Carnal Connections' & 'Loving Lydia' both by Berengaria Brown.

All of which I enjoyed, this is the first time I'd read any of these authors. Some of which I probably wouldn't have read if not for ARRA, so that's great. But the standout has to be the Coyote series. There was serious swoonage, squee and general feelings of awesome, Rhian Cahill has a way with words, she's a fantastic author. I can't recommend the series enough. I'll have to add my reviews for these later.



  1. OMG! I've just read this! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm probably a little emotional today after such a fab weekend but you've just brought tears to my eyes.
    It was great meeting you and I can't wait for the next ARRC!

  2. It was fantastic to meet you Rhian, and along with the fantastic panels, the dinner with the Down Under Diva's was a highlight - I did a happy little fan girl dance when I saw who was sitting at my table. I can't wait for 2013 either - bring it on!


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