Thursday, 10 February 2011

Manhunt by Janet Evanovich

Manhunt is the story of Alex, a high-powered exec from Pittsburgh, who decides to give it all up, dog in tow, for a tiny cabin and a hardware store in the wilds of Alaska. She's looking for a husband - but not just any husband. He has to be average, stable, brown haired, cute butted and wants to have kids. Instead she meets Casey, of all these things he possesses a cute butt. As for the rest of it, he's far too exciting, plus he's rich, very hot and bound to get her into trouble.

I began reading this, putting aside other books I'd already started, I knew what I was going to get - a fun read, guaranteed to make me laugh. This is one of the twelve novels she wrote before she started the Stephanie Plum series, she seems to follow a formula with them - and I by no means am dissing her for this, it works for the books, and that's one of the reasons I love them, but there's usually a giant dog, a hot man and the feisty lady that wrangles them both - It may not work for some books/authors, but I've always enjoyed reading them, and each books still seems fresh. Evanovich has a knack for writing hilarious dialog/scenes. And there are some great moments when Alex is pottering around her new cabin.

I enjoyed the teasing between Alex and Casey and even though they've only known each other a short time, their relationship doesn't seem forced. I was laughing out loud when Alex was out with her sled buddy, knowing full well it would make Casey jealous. Evanovich had me hankering for a tiny cabin of my own in Alaska...fully equipped with a Casey all of my own. How does one arrange a holiday like that I wonder? In fact I'd be happy to move to Alaska if this muggy heat keeps up.

Definitely recommended for a light, quick, fun read, perfect for snuggling up in front of the fire (or in my case trying to cool down under the air conditioner in 35° heat).


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