Thursday, 6 November 2014

Book Cover Craziness

I'm a sucker for book covers or tag lines that are a little strange, have weird pictures or are just plain cheesy, it's one of my favourite things to look for.  Today I was not disappointed!  I found this in the swap box at work - how could I possibly resist?

A Red-Hot Kisser Who Liked to Play with Fire...

Zach Bennett loved a mystery, and he found the alluring seductress who'd invaded his sanctuary impossibly intriguing! Red was his favourite colour, and Cassidy Stuart glittered in a slinky red-sequined sheath that awakened his appetite for adventure ... and ignited a hunger for the lady herself.  Cassidy groaned when she realized she'd mistaken Zach, the enigmatic genius who'd made a fortune designing toys, for the secret contact who'd promised the young reporter a story that could make her career. When his addictive lips made her confess that Zach's company was under attack, and that she was trying to discover who was determined to betray him, Zach welcomed the lovely sleuth into his office - ad vowed to make her part of his life.  
Cassidy had sacrificed her childhood to raise her brother, yet she'd fallen for a man who still had his toys. Zach warned her he wouldn't play fair when he played to win her love. Could she learn to count on the hero who'd captured her soul?

I know Zach makes toys for a living, so the association is there,  but having them randomly on the cover screams bizarre.  I'm not sure how that conversation went, I imagine something like this...

"We need more weirdness on the cover!"  

"I know - lets add some stuffed toys, bitches love stuffed toys!"

Then add in his face, it's like he's unconscious, but not much that he can't grab her arse.  Maybe he's faking!  And good golly, the tag line...

     He wooed her with hot chocolate and cookies, and she had no choice but to surrender her heart...

I'm going to give it a read over the weekend, I've never heard of the author before, so whether I'll finish it remains to be seen, but I'm willing to give it a go.  It's got a 3.46 star rating on goodreads, so it can't be totally crap.

Have you read it?  Or do you have cheesy cover to share - let me know, I'm always on the look out for them :)

Until next time, happy reading.


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