Thursday, 12 January 2012

DVD Reviews - With something for everyone!

Prom - This wasn’t too bad, but I think I’m getting too old to watch these movies.  They don’t shine quite as bright as they used to.  Or maybe I'm turning into a horrible cynic!  It was terribly predictable, I’m pretty sure I managed to work out the major plot points and what was going to happen to each character before I watched it.  But what the hell, I love a cheesy movie and it was the perfect movie to watch for NYE.   

And hello new eye candy – although I’m almost 99% sure I’m old enough to be his mother, come on down Thomas McDonell!  He’s Jesse, the angsty hotness counterpart to Nova, the good girl who’s got it all worked out.  This will obviously get compared to High School Musical, and while yes, it is set in a high school, there are teenagers, there are no dance numbers and the storyline is a little older.   

I guess the best way to sum this up is: don’t judge a book by its cover, follow your dreams and don’t rely on others for your happiness.  Don’t lie and cheat – because karma’s a bitch.  And most importantly – bro’s over ho’s.

Fanboys - I’m not a fan of Star Wars by any means, but this was a fun way to pass the afternoon.  And really who doesn’t love a road movie, with awesome cameos – it’s William ‘F*cking’ Shatner and a very scary Seth Rogan.   

Overall this was a lot of fun, I'm a fan of road movies – but it’s still not good enough to make me watch the first Star Wars movies…and nothing will EVER change my mind on that!  I thought the epic fight between the Star Wars / Trek fans was awesome and I loved George Lucas' 'house' was brilliant, I'd make my security dress up as storm troopers if I could!

Eight Legged Freaks - I remember this film from way back, it’s still as silly as I remember.  It’s too ridiculous to be really scary, but it still had me jumping and checking my sheets before I climbed into bed that night.  I do love a good ‘dumped toxic waste or leaked steroids/chemicals that can create mutant wildlife’ story – who could forget the awesome ‘Ticks’ movie? (The link takes you to ‘Infested’, which is what it was called in the US, but ‘Ticks’ on IMDb has the correct movie poster, but the wrong synopsis.  

 My favorite bit is still the jumping spiders as they chase guys on motorbikes through the desert.  Really silly, but the perfect way to forget everything, unwind and have fun for a bit.

 Eden Lake - Ok this wasn’t exactly what I expected.  I enjoyed it yes (as much as one can enjoy a movie like this), but I didn’t think it would be so good.  It had me thinking about it for the next few days – both how I felt about the movie and what I’d do if that was happening to me.  Maybe good isn’t the right word – terrifying perhaps, scary even.   

For those faint of heart, this isn’t the movie for you.  While there is some swearing, compared to the gore and violence it’s nothing.  This had me cringing, biting my lip and hiding my face.  And I think it’s made all the worse because the violence is steeped in reality.  I could see this really taking place – something, not quite as violently has happened in my town. 

This was far from a perfect movie in terms of plot, or actions of some of the characters.  At times I got frustrated by some of the characters actions, and I will never get why Jenny and Steve didn’t just leave, although there was that, I don't think that detracted too much from the story.  When the final credits rolled I was left staring at the screen, thinking ‘What? That’s it? Seriously.’  It was a tightly wound, perfectly combined thriller/horror film.


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