Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Slackarse? Moi? Well okay yes!

I've been as usual, negelectful in my bloggy duties and I'm really beginning to think that having that new fangled interwebs at home would be a bonus! I've got limited Twitter & Facebook on mah phone, but beyond that, I can't easily acess the net from it & as previously discussed my trials at blogging from said phone resulted in an epic fail. So I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet & get connected @ home, or get an iPhone so I can do me some tethering...on that front, I'm actually going to try do that tonight with my phone now - so fingers crossed. Although I'm not holding my breath. It would def. make life a hell of a lot easier, on the down side - I'd turn into a total mouse potatoe - cause hell, I'm so damn active now. lol.

Planning for the holiday is coming along, slowly, but still moving along, Ash & I are now officially delegates, with our conference fees paid for, along with flights, insurance & accomodation in Milan. Sweet!! We've found a couple of places to stay in Spain & a nice place (if photo's can be trusted in Paris & Berlin), plus quite a few scary backpackers that I hope never to set foot into. It's only 57 days til we touch down in Milan & it's all very citing!!

I'm thinking of getting an iPhone, so I can organise some ebooks to put on there, (this is where I conveniently forget that I already have an iPod that has lots of space for audio books), I'm not sure exactly how to overcome the whole away for 6 weeks when I would probably read around 30 books in that time. One good think is that Ash & I read the same thing, so we can swap books, but still taking 60 or so books away isn't an option. Obviously there is the swap box factor, but I like to keep my books, as I tend to read them more than once. Ideas people are always welcome. I could always seamail some over, as they would get over there in time for the 2nd half of holiday, but that seems silly as I'd have to send them back also. Who knows!

Talking bout books, some of my presents from amazon arrived today, so I have 4 new books to read. Huzzah! They are all sexy books, I got the 3rd in the Magnus Pack series by Shelly Laurenston and the first in her Mane series, (the 2nd & 3rd in that series are still coming), plus two Maya Banks ones & I've got 3 more to look forward too. So sorry book club book, I'm putting you on the back burner!! Okay it's half 7 and I've got elsewhere to be, enjoy the rest of your am/pm :)


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