Monday, 15 June 2009

Cadbury Eyebrows = The Devil?!

WTF is up with Cadbury's latest add campaign?? Eyebrows? Huh? I got my stick on eyebrows a couple of months ago in a magazine and was all I don't get it? Then the other day I was on the Empire website and saw the add with the two kids, all I can say is - Mummy! That shizz freaked me out bad. One thing it didn't do was make me want chocolate. Then I was in target on the weekend and they had the eyebrow mirror and I was all ahh...*lightbulb* I still don't like it tho.

My thoughts are if your add's that elaborate it takes me months to 'get it' and doesn't make me want to eat chocolate, there's something wrong with your advertising. At least the gorilla playing drums was funny, instead they decided to reanimate the evil spawn from Children of the Corn and slap some wiggly eyebrows on 'em - NOT FUNNY.

It was a weird weekend I tell you. There were The Eyebrows and then there was The Customer. I had to work on the weekend and has the displeasure of serving a customer that thinks romance/sci-fi/horror paberback novels are for imbeciles (sadly I can't slap our customers. Sigh.) Let me start by saying, I'm unashamedly a reader of romance novels, have been for years. Me loves the 'lady porn' as it's often called (no I don't take offence at that). Back when I was a young lass, I used to read the good old Mills & Boon (a company that's still going strong btw), I also added a healthy dose of Virginia Henley (historical romance). These of course were quite daring when I was younger, I don't really read these anymore. Now I'm more into Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Maya Banks & Shelly Laurenston (to name a few), decidedly not writing about giving a good hand holding and if there is any its so the hot boy can firmly guide his lady love to his sexy bits.

To be honest the old M & B no longer cut the mustard, I like my sexy books full of steamy sex, alpha hot boys and no beating about the bush...well maybe a little :P. Lora Leigh - you ruined me for M & B! Along with my sexy bits I like a good story and that's why I choose the authors I do, they so successfully meld romance with suspense, the paranormal, action, science fiction or fantasy. Which was something that the lady I was speaking to couldn't understand. The brilliant thing is they make me laugh, Lori Foster, Shelly Laurenston and Sandra Hill have on numerous occasions caused me to laugh out loud, howl at a situation so funny that I forget my place and have to try and pretend I'm normal so all the other people on the bus don't think I'm a lunatic.

I just don't get the stigma that sexy books have. A book is a book is a book people! Regardless of the content, if it touches the reader, makes them laugh, cry or grab their other half and give 'em a good seeing to, the book has successfully reached it's audience. Not all books have to be 'literary', win a Miles Franklin and be touted as the next great thing. Cause lets be honest...some of those books are boring as all shit and nobody wants to to be bored with what they're reading - what's the point, it's supposed to be fun. Unless of course you're reading something for uni, in that case, chances are you might be a little bored - but that's why the sexy book was created, to distract you from all the boring stuff.

As far as I'm concerned reading is for everyone, not for the few. So lady - you're a wanker! Go read a romance and then come see me when you've seen the error of your ways. Silly Woman.

Here endeth the rant...:)


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