Wednesday, 24 June 2009

iSpam you!

I love it that my latest comment is about iPhone insurance, all because I mentioned iPhones in my last post. Maybe I should write a fake post about how Will.I.Am beat me up n then I'll get some actual comments.

Anyways, I tried the whole tethering thingy on my puter & it didn't work - not cause I can't, but cause my stupid fucking phone is broken. That's right ladies & gentlemen - I could have been happily tethering away for the last 2 years!! Baa Fricken Hum Bug! Thems the breaks & there's no point saying fix it stupid phone fix it cause it's officially out of contract and warranty, as is the way of things. But chin up, I'll have a new phone soon old chums :) I just have to plod away until then.

On a much more exciting note - Transformers 2 is on tonight so Dani, Ash & I are up for a hot girly date. Looking forward to it. I'm going in with no expectations - well okay one - that there be hot boys and plenty of them - but beyond that I'm just waiting for all the ploding bits, they're always fun. Oh & getting to see more Decepticons. So I'll try & not be a slackarse & get a review up on the old blog soon. I also saw The Hangover last week. Classic!! It was pure gold, I'm talking so funny I was snorting & I almost peed myself. It was a laughter flashback to the nut punching scene from Bad Santa - still what could possibly be my favorite cinematic moment ever & the second time popcorn has tried to kill me. No seriously - it tried to kill me. The first was - spookily I might add - when we went and saw Fahrenheit 9/11. Right when Michael Moore was talking bout WMD - the popcorn attacked & was dubbed and forever shall be known as the popcorn of mass destruction or PMD. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen again, it was rather painful.

Okay, heading off to buy tickets, blog ya later.


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