Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ranty, Ranty, Rant.

26/06/2009 - Okay I actually started this post ages ago & decided I was being all bitchy and didn't post it plus I didn't finish it so there you go, but anyways Mr M&B came in again today and Petal ran away, so who was left to serve him? Little ole moi that's who. I don't care how many times I serve him I still want to smack his face in, with a book, like hard, really really hard. I know this is conduct unbecoming a lady & really I should just be all 'think Buddism' and let my annoyance roll over me like the wind between Paris' ears...BUT I JUST FUCKING CAN"T - I WANT TO KILL HIM!!!! Not only does he never say anything funny, he makes my skin crawl and I'm almost convinced I could get away with murder, it's not like I wouldn't have any help, he's already got the majority of the staff fleeing whe he walks in the door. Here's the old post:

Yes, it's one of those posts, (I've just come off of a weekend shift), and the peeps they were at full defcon 1 annoyance level.

Mr M&B (so creatively dubbed for his love of Mills & Boons) came into today, and was wondering if I was having boyfriend trouble cause I wasn't smiling (no it's just that I'm having to serve you). I'm sure he thinks he's being cute, but he's just so damn RUDE!! Grrr.

Then yesterday, Mr. Standup (you guessed it - he thinks he's a comedian), was trying to be all funny with the title of his book and I do try to be nice to him, but he reminds me of my step father (there's strike one before he's even started), and he just pisses me off.

Well I'm over that now, much funner than Buddism, but really - everyone knows I'm a bitch, so this post really wouldn't come as a surprise.


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